Young stylish formal dresses for girls on the wedding party

Today, many people are upset now, what style formal dress to wear in the wedding party? As a guest, our dress can not be too stunning, but it not means that you can wear it casually, now we will introduce three style formal dress for you to attend your friends wedding.

coral red short formal dress
Cutting loose elegant collocation is pure and fresh and beautiful coral red, a girl of full-bodied amorous feelings. The white printing of the triangular geometry teenage lively personality, collocation fastens with color high-heeled sandals, sends out beautiful and free from vulgarity temperament.

mint green hollow out short formal dress

 Mint green hollow out short formal dress

The practical and youth dress will make a lot of girls fondle admiringly, exquisite hollow out design is concise and modern and vibrant, dynamic match the mint green color like ice cream. Upper body sleeveless vest and lined with vest skirt can separate wearing, easy collocation, after attending the wedding, also can wear in normal life!
Red and white strip short formal dressThe pink vest dress with suiting fabrics, red and white alternate with don’t form the tree one stripe pattern, horizontal stripes in the upper body is relatively light, with lower body symmetry and young thin stripe of a bright contrast, light scattering of skirt girl full of flavor, simple double light high heels can present lively sweet style.

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