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Know more style evening dresses for girl to attend the social party

With the opening up of society, more and more women are taking part many social activities. Ladies are dressed evening dress to the party, it is not only elegant and luxurious, but also it is showing the women’s charming.

blue lace evening dress with sleeves

Elegant blue lace evening dresses with sleeves

Evening dress fabric is very niceness, the choice of lighting reflective gold, silver, silk fabric, silk, cotton satin and chiffon and other innovative fabrics. In winter, you can choose the velvet and other fabrics. In summer, you can choose the light noble material fabric, real silk and other fabrics. Here are some typical evening dress:

1. One shoulder evening dresses: It is only just expose one shoulder, there is another strap to balance corsage. It is use the gorgeous silk fabric.

2. Expose chest evening dresses: No straps to reveal the beauty of the shoulder and upper chest, it is decorated with luxurious necklace on the check. Noble black velvet fabric production.

3. Strapless style evening dresses: Two cuff portion omitted to reveal the shoulder and arm of infinite charm. It can be decorate with ornate sequins, it is use the luxury satin material to produce.

4. Triangular backless style: This style is addition to strapless, it is more pay more attention to reveal curvy beauty. It can be printed silk or silk fabric production.

Evening dress is a formal dress to attend the social occasions (such as opera, concerts, dinner, etc.). After the social midnight, evening dress is considered more formal and appropriate dress.

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Young stylish formal dresses for girls on the wedding party

Today, many people are upset now, what style formal dress to wear in the wedding party? As a guest, our dress can not be too stunning, but it not means that you can wear it casually, now we will introduce three style formal dress for you to attend your friends wedding.

coral red short formal dress
Cutting loose elegant collocation is pure and fresh and beautiful coral red, a girl of full-bodied amorous feelings. The white printing of the triangular geometry teenage lively personality, collocation fastens with color high-heeled sandals, sends out beautiful and free from vulgarity temperament.

mint green hollow out short formal dress

 Mint green hollow out short formal dress

The practical and youth dress will make a lot of girls fondle admiringly, exquisite hollow out design is concise and modern and vibrant, dynamic match the mint green color like ice cream. Upper body sleeveless vest and lined with vest skirt can separate wearing, easy collocation, after attending the wedding, also can wear in normal life!
Red and white strip short formal dressThe pink vest dress with suiting fabrics, red and white alternate with don’t form the tree one stripe pattern, horizontal stripes in the upper body is relatively light, with lower body symmetry and young thin stripe of a bright contrast, light scattering of skirt girl full of flavor, simple double light high heels can present lively sweet style.

Three stylish young pink bridesmaid dresses for girls

Fashion trend single product is always filled with all kinds of pink color in spring and summer season, light pink color is creating more sweet atmosphere. It is more suitable to adds such light color, it will make your wedding more livey, today we will introduce three style pink bridesmaid dresses for you!

pink chiffon one shoulder flowers bridesmaid dress


Short one shoulder chiffon pink bridesmaid dress

The administrative organ plait wipes bosom, increased the chest line. Three-dimensional volume of fashion and personality aglet ornament, let more beautiful skirt stereo, sex appeal is nifty and lovely.

chic v neck short chiffon bridesmaid dress


Sexy v neck pink bridesmaid dress

This dress flagship Korean style, simple gorgeous skirt, fashion design flying shoulder, waist gorgeous diamond more noble, fully show the most beautiful woman of the curve.

long pink chiffon bridesmaid dress with flowers

Elegant pink long bridesmaid dress with flowers belt

The organ plait design that wipe a bosom, and do not lose feminine taste unique, elegant, sexy. Stereo flower waist waist ACTS the role of primary design, make you instantly become goblins. Elegant skirt teamed with a short dress is not the same woman.

Three formal dresses for girls’ engagement party

When engaged, the bride is often plagued what style clothes is most appropriate. In fact, the engagement ceremony, the bride should be dressed in simple style formal dress, try to win in the version of the design, while some of the more biased in favor of the wedding dresses elements such as lace, nails and drilling use it as little as possible, it is need to give a dignified and not exaggerated feeling. Today we will introduce three simple design formal dress for brides!

simple green formal dressSimple short green formal dress

This full of art backless formal dress is using silk fabric weaving, it is exudes a noble luster. Refreshing mint green color is bring a touch of cool summer colors. Neat tailoring form crisp and full of retro atmosphere pleated A-line skirt, classical flavor lingering body, it is showing soft feeling atmosphere.

white formal dress

Chic ruffles backless white formal dress

The ruffle backless dress choose big summer heat clean white color as priority tone, pure cotton material on the waist create multi-level ruffle effects, fluffy and interesting, and apart from the bride’s white wedding dress, it is show the women’s playful side lovely perfectly to show her youthful energy.

beige back hollow out formal dress

This kind of ball gown formal dress will showing the charming sweet style incisively and vividly, the back of hollow out design is sexy and charming, flashing and moving light silk shiny ivory collocation a circle of delicate bright stone lapel, like flowers bloom in the skirt, it is also like a dream girl, romantic flawless.

What to wear for different theme wedding party

Invitations to tell you: this is a “white tie, tails,” the formal wedding.

The wedding will be formal, but again it! Find out that most women in all of your formal dress – pls do remember to choose floor length style, by the way with the female glamorous jewelry, it can not be sloppy, it is assumed that you’ll need to go to the Oscar red carpet at right now !

Temperley fuschia evening gown dress

Dress from: Temperley of London’s  fuchsia long formal dress

Invitations to tell you: This is a semi-formal black tie wedding.

The wedding formal degree is less than after I said before, “white tie, tails” of that field, a formal and elegant evening dress is a good choice. If you have one floor length evening dress, you can choose this piece one! Knee dress is also OK, you can consider choosing darker more full color. However, short skirts is not consider the matter, it will be completely inappropriate.

Vera Wang Printed Strapless Ruched Mermaid Gown in Blue

Dress from: Vera Wang

Invitations to tell you: This is a cocktail-style wedding.

The wedding will be more relax than the first two black tie, white tie formal wedding, you can choose a knee-length cocktail dress. The only caveat is that your dress is need to consider it, too casual dress is not to try it on!

Lela Rose green cocktail dress

Dress from: Lela Rose

Invitations to tell you: This is the formal wedding on the beach.

The wedding wear you need a good thought. Every woman wants to dress up beautiful to attend the wedding, but this beach wedding may be hold on the wind or the humid environment, what to wear on this wedding? To choose one of these elegant tulle long dress, it will make you more comfortable in this beach environment; and marine colors and printing will make you closer with the beach!

Carlos Miele beach formal dress

Dress from: Carlos Miele

Invitations to tell you: this is a garden-style wedding

Garden wedding atmosphere will be very pleasant, but it does not means that you can wear anything, T-shirts do not even think it! To choose a lightweight dress, with the bright colors, it will make you very outstanding among the guests.

Trina Turk yellow dress

Dress from: Trina Turk’s short yellow cocktail dress