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Key colors on the rise of formal dresses for winter 2013

There’s nothing like the beauty of winter with falling snow and mystical landscapes. However, this season can bring about a slew of challenges when it comes to selecting formal dresses. As you already know, you can’t recycle your wardrobe from last season – the colors of your existing cheap formal dresses may not fit the bill. To ensure you look stylish, here are some of the hottest colors expected to pop up throughout winter 2013.

This hue is going to be popular for both men and women in the coming months, according to Color Solutions International. Don’t hesitate to slip on a chic brown dress this winter to fall in line with the season’s most stylish trend.
golden backless formal dress

mermaid golden formal dressGreen
Emerald was named the 2013 color of the year by Pantone, the color institute. That being said, it’s no wonder it’s expected to be dominate this coming winter.
green formal dress

green beaded formal dressPurple
​This color is similar to violet, and the cool hue falls in line perfectly with the season. If you’re interested in a color that makes you elegant as well as chic, don’t overlook acai. It works wonders when it’s used in everything from dresses to scarves.

purple formal dress

purple formal dress

Wedding Gowns and Formal Dresses Popular Trends

Popular trend in wedding dress is a creation of time. It moves with fashion trend and exposed always with lot of fusion and fission. Let whatever be the fashion trend, formal dress is always has its own significance that suits to almost all occasion. Be it a wedding party, graduation party, dancing party or even a welcome party it has its own importance. What matters most is how well dressed are the team members. The dress has to be neat and clean.  Selection of fabric and color of the dress can be decided as per the popular existing trend. That decides the time of the fashion.

Fashion trend can be identified by visiting various wedding dress exhibitions. Every year in different part of cosmopolitan cities exhibitions are organized by famous fashion designers, show casing their latest creations. Many such exhibitions are by invitation only through elite circles. Video and print media cover these kinds of exhibitions with lot of importance. Models are being trooped in to wear the latest dresses in a dazzling display of glamour.   Celebrities from film world are also roped in to the ramps to make maximum leverage of the show.

beach chiffon wedding dress
Some countries do have traditional exposures in promoting wedding dress exhibition as a national event. Countries like UK, USA and France are much popular in conducting fashion shows and as part of those exhibitions they introduce a variety of wedding dress and formal dress that create ripples in the fashion industry.  Tabloids and Media kings roll up their paparazzi to report each and every gossip that can be cashed in. In the fashion world everything is amusing. It is a blend of beauty, intelligence and creativity. The press and media roar with thundering captions…something can be read as “Brides here is your choice, the finest wedding dress created by experts with lot of imaginations!

blue formal dress
Formal dress is also created with lot of attention in the details. The fabric, color and design plays an important role depending the season. A formal dress designed for summer won’t be suitable for winter or autumn. The models selected for the exhibitions events need to be present in the workshop before the attire are released for the public.  Fashion events conducted in New York, London and Paris are always a talk of the town. Fashion world eagerly wait for the next seasons exhibition once the present exhibition is over.

formal dress for weddingThe designers will have their studio under strict surveillance till their products are taken for display. It is easy to find a good wedding dress designer for your choice of budget. There are online stores that offer great wedding dress services or you can even search for a good designer in your city location that makes things much easier for your big day. The dresses can be scheduled in different category such as wedding day, pre wedding functions and post wedding ceremony. You can consider offering formal dress that is designed exclusively for post wedding parties. Wedding dress with fitting of Beaded Chantilly lace on bodies with Swarovski crystals, glass bugle bead with sequins are unique. Plain Chantilly laced dress may look gorgeous. Cap sleeves add more beauty. Full length with train gives a royal look.  Stiffed cotton canvas corset with Parisian lace, heavily beaded in the central portion of the wedding dress gives an attractive look. There are lots of macro elements that make the difference in your wedding dress!

Formal Dresses

When it comes to fashion, women tend to be more experimental and free willing about what they wear on various occasions and they always put a lot of thought into making themselves look as stunning and as seductive as possible using formal dresses. There are several details that women pay attention to when they attend functions and gatherings and the general idea is to be the hit of the night and being the center of everyone’s awe. This is achieved primarily through their choice of ensemble which includes the dress as well as accessories. In so far as formal gatherings are concerned, they definitely put women formal dresses in order and there will absolutely no holds barred when it comes to the choices that will be lined up for one to pick from.

Formal dresses are made for the purpose of bringing about the natural beauty in every lady that is about to have a very special day or night. One of the most important aspects in women’s formal clothing is the fabric, which also happens to be the standard by which the class and elegance of every ensemble is measured. If you are a woman who is bent on choosing the right dress to wear to a very important event then you will understand the importance of knowing which fabrics work for you and which ones do not.formal dressFormal Dress Fabric

Appropriate fabric is very important in choosing among various women formal dresses and in order to pick the right one, you will need to consider the specific event you are going to attend and your participation in such. Evening affairs always call for flowing and soft fabrics that are both comfortable as well as elegant looking. It is always a must to feel at ease with what you are wearing if you intend to look stunningly breathtaking and confident throughout the whole event. Chiffon is a very popular choice in formal wears but this particular fabric will only work if there is a very good lining that is used which should have a darker shade and a less sheer quality to it. When you settle on what fabric your dress should be made of, then you must concern yourself with all the other details that are necessary such as the color, length, and appropriate accessories to go with the dress.

When it comes to colors of women formal dresses, you should always take your skin tone into consideration as well as the nature of the event you will be gracing your presence with. Sage color dresses are always acceptable and black is always a winner regardless of the event or your natural skin color. If you are on the pale white side of the spectrum, avoid pastels and sheers and go for the more solid tones that will compliment your color. Wearing plain color formal dresses are too dull for your taste, you might want to make up for it by accessorizing properly such as putting on a broach or anything that will add more personality to the clothing.

Length Of Formal Dresses

Figuring out what lengths is appropriate for formal events have always been a debacle for women for many years and there is really no absolute rule that you can turn to or follow in all cases. However, since formal dresses are worn for dignified events, it is obvious that guests are expected to wear clothes that are of decent length, that is, not too short or too long. Some people get away with cocktail length dresses and this might be the case for you as well but if you are not sure of anything, it is always prudent to go the safe way. Avoid wearing dresses that are more than three inches above the kneecap or three inches below your ankles. Extremely short dresses tend to ride up during the most awkward of times and very long ones usually cause accidental tripping which is mortifying and distracting during formal gatherings.

Formal Dresses Considerations

To ensure maximum comfort, you should also take the weather under consideration, even when the event is indoors. If you are going out during a wintery season, it will help if you have a healthy layer of clothing that will protect you from the severe cold. Since there is a good chance that you will not be able to predict the temperature once you get inside the venue, you should be ready with a shawl or scarf to even out the coldness. The reverse principle applies when you are dealing with hot weather, that is, light layers should be used in order to prevent any unnecessary sweating and discomfort. The concept of wearing formal evening dresses is not only to look like an appropriate guest but also to feel like a worthy part of an even that is surrounded with substance, importance, and great significance. Whether you buy one or make one for yourself, the point is to look great and feel great in whatever you choose to wear.


Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re searching for vintage bridesmaid dresses, there are important things that you need to know. Specialty bridal shops are popular for wedding and bridesmaid dresses, because there are important details, which may be overlooked by department stores or regular clothing shops.

vintage bridesmaid dressLike a wedding dress, a bridesmaid’s dress will require numerous fittings for the perfect fit. A bridesmaid’s dress also has to match precisely with the other bridesmaids dresses. Bridal shops specialize in dresses which perform exactly that function, as they usually have a seamstress and order from bridesmaid designers. Designers make styles in batches so that colors match exactly and include extra fabric for alterations.

Another important factor, which bridal shops have is that styles and materials are chosen specifically to match wedding. This means that when you shop for a bridesmaid’s dress you can be assured. The material will not clash with the elegance of your wedding. Designers choose specialty polyesters, or silks and chiffon.

While the idea of the vintage bridesmaid dresses may be appealing, there are some factors consider. A vintage dress, purchased at a local vintage shop, will have been used, may not match the other bridesmaids and may not have the extra material for required alterations. However, there are vintage shops which design and make vintage styles.

The good news is there are many websites which specialize in vintage bridal clothing. One such website is unique– It has many unique styles and has even been featured in In Style Magazine, among other magazines. They also have many choices from the 1920s to the 1970s and, best of all, their prices are also reasonable.

swing skirt bridesmaid dress has beautiful vintage bridesmaid dress styles, from both the 1950s and 60s. I found one similar to the Marilyn Monroe dress, which was quite pretty, and one very similar to the pinup girl style and at extremely reasonable prices. I’ve included a link to them in this hub.

When you’re looking for cost saving ideas for your wedding, finding lower cost bridesmaid dresses can be a very big help. Be your own wedding planner, you won’t need to hire one. Another way to save costs is to barter your bridesmaid services by offering to pay for their dresses. A simple $200 dollars tacked onto your budget. Bridesmaids can do a lot of the extra services a professional wedding planner will do, like confirming vendors, searching for the best prices on your dress etc.


Style Tips for Evening Dresses

Many women don’t wear evening dresses on an everyday occasion which makes those times you do get to dress up even more exciting. Wearing an evening dress is a special event in itself and the trick to looking stylish and fabulous is to ooze confidence and be polished down to the final detail. To help you bring out your best features when it comes to formal occasions take a look at these style tips for evening dresses.

Confidence matters

No matter what you are wearing if you don’t brim with confidence you won’t pull it off. Looking good is all about feeling great and being yourself. No matter what style of evening dresses you choose make sure that it makes you feel good and encourages you to be natural, because being natural is when you are at your most beautiful.

sexy evening dress

Opt for quality

When it comes to evening dresses you should always try and choose quality, especially when it comes to material. Fabric plays a big part in the overall demeanor of an evening gown and this is why soft silks and shimmering satins are most favored. Steer clear of materials that encourage itching and sweating and instead choose gorgeous, luxury fabrics that bring out your iridescent beauty.

Little details

Don’t forget to fill in all the little details for that overall polished look. Your evening gown will look fantastic if you choose to pair it with stunning shoes, a hint of sparkling jewelry and even a manicure. Don’t cake on the makeup; instead go for a light polished look that highlights your best features. Balance out your makeup so the overall effect isn’t too heavy. Class and elegance is all about toning it down and keeping it simply stunning.

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