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The look of queen Letizia of Austurias Awards

By popular demand I discussed the look that has looked at the Princess Letizia of Asturias Awards. Apparently you liked!

Every look, every detail, whether it is Letizia is analyzed with a magnifying glass in each of the media in this country and some abroad. Perhaps if any of us were subject to such scrutiny would not stand, but we’re not queens … I must say!


It was the Princess of Asturias Awards and awarded meantime, as always, the focus of attention since estuba the outfit that would take the queen for the occasion. And Letizia hit, go if you were right! He turned his head designer, Felipe Varela , who made ​​it look spectacular with cocktail dress without sleeves and fitted waist, made ​​in cady black silk and ruffled skirt with layers in gradient (from black to white) with low shorter in front than behind. As for accessories, wild pearl necklace, handbag Varela also black satin and patent leather shoes Magrit room type (Mila model 220 euros). The fact is that we have already seen Queen Letizia wearing shoes Magrit (also 100% Spanish firm) at other times as the communion of her daughter.

10 mistakes to avoid if you are a wedding guest

We all know when we have to play a leading role and a secondary or protagonist. And if you’ve been invited to a wedding, it is clear that it is the day of the bride. We leave a Decalogue with some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be the perfect guest.

perfect wedding guest dress

We can all have a bad day and not be entirely successful with our party look or not inspire in choosing the perfect formal dress. But to avoid such situations or reduce the maximum effects, consider these tips :

1. NO to the party dresses with glue: do not stick to a wedding! The spectacular nature and sophistication of the backs with glue, in this case, is exclusively reserved for the bride. That this is not Hollywood and we’re not walking on the red card carpet

2. NO feathers, sequins and shine without measure: A wedding is more than just a party. This is an event with greater solemnity and therefore we do without more details “festivaleros” in our dress.

3. NO the mark for the nude or very washed shades: Well, it seems that all we are clear … but horror! So typical guest who is dressed in white appears. So it is worth to emphasize this again.

4. NO to total black look: While etiquette have relaxed considerably in recent years regarding black dresses at a wedding, we should avoid supplements supplements in the same key. Yes to the bright vibrant colors!

High low Aqua Blue Green Wedding Guest Dress in Satin

A vibrant hue to the wedding party. Click photo to see the back.

5. NO to American: You wear a cute dress, you are divine and everything is great. Do not spoil it with an American. They do not stick to anything with a costume party!

6. NO makeup War: At a wedding, you should not only consider the dress or accessories, but the hair and makeup also feature. Opt for something discreet, natural and that highlights your features.

7. Combed recharged NO: Idem with the theme of makeup. That collected processed are fine, they are very beautiful and look great in magazines. But if you’re not used, always think that the loose hair also looks great.

8. NO handbags than hand: There is nothing worse in a guest left a bag cross. At a wedding, always, always, always handbag, either clutch or small handles type. And the smaller the better!

9. NO to invited leading jewelry in tow: Some people think that a wedding is ideal for bringing out all his stuff now. Ladies and ladies, moderation!

10. In short, not the excesses: The maximum you always have to have stuck in your head when you go to be a wedding guest is “less is more”. That is the crux of the matter! In the photos you can see different looks perfect holiday to attend a wedding as a guest .

Personalize Twist Bridesmaid Dresses

short Bridesmaid Dresses

So creative and spontaneous as you: Twist bridesmaid gown

A halter dress, a One Shoulder Dress, a strapless dress, a backless dress or a dress with sleeves? Does not matter, we just find the twist dresses for the bridesmaids! Your imagination knows no boundaries. And of course we like to help you with the first “twisting” dress.

Endless wearing styles and huge color selection

Every woman has their advantages and preferences. The one who loves modern cuts and asymmetrical dresses, the other mag’s like classic and picks up deep V-neck. Therefore, it is often not easy for the bride to find a single suitable model for their bridesmaids. Each bridesmaid can wrap her dress as they want and still a beautiful overall impression on the wedding photos emerge. Thanks to the endless choice of colors , the dresses can be adapted to the color theme of the wedding very easy. The crease-free material makes the twist dress absolute favorites when it comes indoor or beach wedding.

More beautiful dresses for bridesmaids, you can find at  dressesmallau.com!

Young stylish formal dresses for girls on the wedding party

Today, many people are upset now, what style formal dress to wear in the wedding party? As a guest, our dress can not be too stunning, but it not means that you can wear it casually, now we will introduce three style formal dress for you to attend your friends wedding.

coral red short formal dress
Cutting loose elegant collocation is pure and fresh and beautiful coral red, a girl of full-bodied amorous feelings. The white printing of the triangular geometry teenage lively personality, collocation fastens with color high-heeled sandals, sends out beautiful and free from vulgarity temperament.

mint green hollow out short formal dress

 Mint green hollow out short formal dress

The practical and youth dress will make a lot of girls fondle admiringly, exquisite hollow out design is concise and modern and vibrant, dynamic match the mint green color like ice cream. Upper body sleeveless vest and lined with vest skirt can separate wearing, easy collocation, after attending the wedding, also can wear in normal life!
Red and white strip short formal dressThe pink vest dress with suiting fabrics, red and white alternate with don’t form the tree one stripe pattern, horizontal stripes in the upper body is relatively light, with lower body symmetry and young thin stripe of a bright contrast, light scattering of skirt girl full of flavor, simple double light high heels can present lively sweet style.