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What to wear for different theme wedding party?

Smart lovers will not miss the spring season, in the too many weddings season, how to dress it appropriately and stylish? It is not only to meet the venue but also it can not overwhelming, it is not let yourself drown in the crowd.

white lace dress

Church Wedding                    Sacred white coincide with holy church

It is the most pious and solemn choice to hold a wedding on the church, white dress must be able to fit such a venue. Beautiful white is is the most popular color in spring and summer, with elegant flowing tulle and dense lace, it will allow your female elegance vividly portrayed. Like Miu Miu dresses such as white and nude color stitching is the hot sale in this year’s. At the wedding, it must be sure to avoid too sexy style, deep V, too transparent tulle, too big formal dress are the taboo, because everyone don’t want to snatched the light on the big day.

In the magnificent church wedding, must have been a lot of girls dream, before god swear your love is sacred. Either the bride or guests, natural white most can agree with this feeling.

pink long dress

Pink flowing dress for wedding guests

Garden wedding                     Pink cream color let the people sweet

Pls remember that there is a set of Gossip Girl Serena participate X’s garden wedding, a pale yellow floal dress with pink hard shell clutch, there is no one style further more suitable than this look. In the spring and summer, the wind and water cream dress is perfect for outdoor wedding, with full of girls feeling baby doll dress skirt models, it is not only sweet, energetic, fun colors let the room air can be filled with cream sweet. Such as Marc by Marc Jacobs swallows floral pattern is also very appropriate. To avoid too bright colors, soft and low saturation is the right choice!

Sunshine, flowers, green, outdoor wedding will let people joy as close to the nature. Pink color will undoubtedly fit this sunny spring day which make the wedding more sweet.

blue beach dressBeach wedding          With Mediterranean-style blue and white colors of the most romantic

The sea wind in the monsoon are flawed, nothing is more suitable for beach wedding dress. Both Giorgio Armani satin dress make approximate the luster of the shell, or Versace blue and white light shell pattern, or Peter Pilotto realism ocean printing, all telling the romantic Mediterranean amorous feelings. Compared with other fields, the beach wedding can give a person a kind of relaxed feeling, can also be more casual dress, vacation feels dye-in-the-wood long skirt, straw hat is right choice. High-heeled shoes is not suitable for walking on the soft sand, wedge, the wedge with stretching ratio at the same time, let you go.

Must be the most romantic wedding at the beach, the blue sky and sea can become your dress inspiration, sea breeze on the beach, also can let a person feel comfortable and relaxed feeling, elegant and hang down the long skirt, pants fit into this environment.