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2013 Billboard Music Awards’ Stars Teach You Fashion

Singers and celebrities are all over the world ever since the recent years, and young budding stars do of course, no doubt gain their fame in due time.

Taylor Swift's blue knee-length mini dress

Most stars would seize their success and be awarded with a profusion of awards, and some of them would simply appear on the Billboard Music Awards.

Selena Gomez's formal dress

This event simply happens every year to reward stars for their hard work with a trophy to underline their huge success and hard work that has paid off.

Jennifer Lopez's golden long dress

Here are some stars that caught the spotlight it seems, though there be many more fashionable stars, but these stars surely stole the show for that day!

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Be the Center of Attention with Milanoo’s Black Cocktail Dresses

After a busy day at work, cutting loose and celebrating is a popular choice for many young folk, and many of them eagerly anticipate the chance to attend a stunning cocktail event. Elements of style go along with the appeal of such public events. Naturally, it is crucial to wear the right dress at such events, and online clothing retailer has plenty of advice on how to find the perfect outfit. The dress performs a significant role in making or breaking the wearer’s image. However, there is no discussion regarding the “timeless” benefits offered by the classically stylish black cocktail dress.

It is a constant task to amaze with the right type of dress. Mixing the right figure with the right style is an important part in guaranteeing the success of looking amazing in fashionable clothes. There are several choices in this respect, but the dark-colored cocktail dress is appropriate for many situations.

Cocktail dresses don’t need to always come in black, although the simple color of the little black dress can be offset with several color blends to convert a cocktail outfit into a truly amazing wardrobe for party hoppers. White outfits with stunning jewelry decorations are powerful choices to draw eyes at official and semi-formal events. Red, chocolate and maroon are some other popular choices in this respect.

Black outfits have special importance for every occasion. If the wearer has good skin, then black can really make her stand out as an elegant attendee, regardless of the event. These outfits come in every length, from short to long and flowing, with the style depending on what suits the individual best.

Black cocktail dresses are suitable for any vibrant public celebration, be it at home or outside. Black color seldom goes out of fashion, meaning a black dress can stay in one’s closet for much longer. Clothed tinged with this color can be designed in various forms. So, to add fire to a dance or bring elegance to the home,?black cocktail?dresses?are unmatched in attractiveness.

The attractiveness of black is that everyone looks good in it. Regardless of whether the wearer is short or tall, a black dress basically enables her to show her “full beauty”. It allows larger women to appear slimmer, and can also help hide blemishes.

Added benefits of black dresses are that they are easy to accessorize with the right types of shoes, earrings, headwear, wristbands and other jewelry sets. Keep in mind, the objective is to leave a mark on an event with your style, and the key to that is in the clothes.

A Wardrobe Makeover for Women with Suits

Wearing exquisite cocktail dresses for parties may not be unheard of to the ears of many, and dresses fit just fine on the body of women. Often dresses look just beautiful on women, and they fill most of the closets of women today. Searching around the closets of women will suffice in informing anyone that there is bound to appear at least a piece of dress in them. Dresses have an undeniably captivating beauty, and that is a fact that can be pretty true to the eyes of most people. Adding some suits to that womanly closet however is a way to start afresh by making some radical changes over a closet packed only with overly common garments.

High Low Sweetheart Prom Dress in Taffeta

The term ‘suits’ may be, to some, synonymous to dull and uninteresting events such as formal meetings and interviews, but that should not scare anyone who is seeking to bring about a change to the closet. It may also sound ‘manly’ and ‘macho’ to others as it is more of a common sight to see men in suits, but that does not discount the emanating femininity in suits. Both men and women alike look good in suits, it only depends on how the wearers carry themselves around the eyes of those who look at them. It is true that these suits equally look good on females.

Suits have an innately marvelous appeal if a wearer is able to piece things together intelligently. It takes some skill, but nevertheless the final product will turn out satisfactory. The very first thing to rid the mind of regarding suits would be their association to ‘boredom’ or a general ‘lack of taste’, as it is thought by many. Being ‘boring’ is a result of not knowing how suits can match other attires. Suits are versatile and can match with most garments, be it a skirt, a dress, or a shirt, whatsoever it may be, suits do nothing but complement their beauty. Some ways to match suits include making use of their colors and designs to either evoke an entirely fresh style, or complement already existing fashions.

Take for an example, a white suit, such a white suit could be matched with a uniform tone of white on the other pieces of clothing on a person’s body. White pants, as well as an underlying sleeveless shirt in white could work well as a perfect combination of white suits. A mixture of proper harmony in color tones will create an amusing effect on the outcome.

Workplace dress

While playing with the colors on the palette may be a fun thing to do, the same concept runs beneath black suits. Black suits can go along well with a variety of colors; the color black generally brings out the essence of many other colors. Now, one great way to bring out the beauty in the other apparels on the body hued differently complementing a black suit is by searching for a color that contrasts greatly with black, or more particularly, bright colors. Bright colors tend to dazzle the eyes and seize attention on their own, but it has much more impact when accompanied by a black suit.

Suits can be a good option if anyone is truly into a closet makeover.

Ancient wedding customs in Netherlands

The Netherlands, a country with developed modern industry, agriculture, and seafaring, is one of the top 10 economically powerful countries in the Western. More than 90% of the residents of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are Dutch; as for their wedding ceremonies, the Dutch still retain many ancient and exotic traditions and customs.Ancient wedding customs in Netherlands

The proposal of marriage is a very romantic thing. Dutch in this regard are very poetic. When their daughter is at the marriageable age, parents will place a pot of colorful roses in the daughter’s bedroom windowsill, which means that they motion the young men come to make an offer of marriage.

In accordance with the Dutch tradition, when young couples are ready to engage, the grooms need to send the bride a pair of wooden shoes, which is a traditional custom that has been popular for hundreds of years among the Dutch. The wooden shoes were carved with a single piece of wood and painted in bright colors, which are simple but cute and moisture.

Marken, which is located in the northern suburb of Amsterdam, is a very Dutch-style village. In there, each household has a small bed in the wall; and around the small bed it will be many carved delicate designs. What’s more, people will hang bed nets above the bed. This small bed is considered as marriage bed which is passed down from generation to generation. The marriage bed is only used by the groom on their wedding night. From the second night of the marriage, the groom and the bride need to move to the ordinary sleeping bed.

In the bog area of the Netherlands, there is a village which is known as the mysterious woman village. It is because the women in this village are powerful but shy. The most interesting thing of the village is that they have their own unique mate way. That is, the girls who are at the age of marriage open the rear window at every Friday night and attract young boys. When girls find their favorite boy, they will let him crawl in through the rear window.Ancient wedding customs in Netherlands -2

When the young man in the Netherlands has intention to make a proposal for a girl, he always needs to knock on the door of the girl’s homes, and then he will wait for the girl’s parents and ask them to light a cigar for him. The parents of the girls will ask the young men kinds of problems in order to examine his conduct and ability. When the young man asks for lighting a cigar again, he can receive a very clear answer from the girl’s parents.

Besides these customs, most of the Dutch dress in the way that similar to other countries of the European continent. In the formal social occasions, such as taking part in rallies, banquets, men wear in a solemn style while women’s clothing is elegant and beautiful. The most characteristic clothing style is the clothing of residents in Marken. With the development of fashion, more and more wedding dresses designers tend to combine the traditional styles of those characteristic clothing and the popular elements to show a new style of a traditional Netherlands.


Wedding customs of Germa

wedding culture in GermaThe German nation is a nation that works hard, being practical-minded rather than inflated and pompous, which can be reflected from their wedding customs.

The German’s way to choose his partner of life is special. In Bonn district, a boy that falls in love with a girl will put a silver birch at the front door of the girl’s house on 30th, April or 1st, May. If the girl has affection for him, she will accept the silver birch and put it in the living room. The boy will immediately send the girl a diamond ring when he gets it. And the girl will accept the ring and kiss the boy to show her appreciation.

A town named Stadt bekannt and located in the southwest of Berlin has the reputation of chess town as people living there love chess competition. A good chess player will earn high regard. Young man will apply themselves to chess to be a stronger player so that they can win the affection of girls. If a man wants to pay court to a woman, he will sent her a letter, saying that he hopes to compete with her father. If the woman has a thing for him, she will invite the man to her house at the appointed time. After a few rounds, the man wins. Then everyone congratulates him on the success of his courtship.

There is a luxury hotel on the Faure Island to receive single man and woman. It aims to provide opportunity for those who are too embarrassing to talk about marriage. The registers must meet the requirement of being honest, upright and unmarried. Time for them to stay in the hotel is no more than 40 days during which the staffs will offer chance for man and woman to contact with each other. The occupants can pay court to a stranger through special line in the room to avoid the scene that being rejected in face-to-face courtship. Many people tie the nuptial during the time living in the hotel.

Seeking partner film wins acclaim among Germany women. Some women have difficulty in dealing with marriage issues. So they spend money on shooting a personal film. Their strength and talent such as cooking, sewing, house, appearance and figure are showed on the screen under the arrangement of the director and the cameraman. Even an ordinary woman will turn into a lovely girl on the screen.

Like other European countries, young man and woman will take the nuptial in the church and have the wedding feast at home. The bridegroom will pay for the cost of the church wedding, including the wedding dress, wedding ring, wedding cake. The guest list is chiefly decided by the bride’s parents. But in many cases, they will discuss the list together.

In Germany, old wedding systems still subsists in some districts, such as the bowl breaking ceremony in the Bonn area. In an atmosphere of joy, the bridegroom and the bride, in white wedding dress, step into the wedding chamber where a voice of bowl breaking continues for a long time, which they think can ease the unhappiness.

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