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The look of queen Letizia of Austurias Awards

By popular demand I discussed the look that has looked at the Princess Letizia of Asturias Awards. Apparently you liked!

Every look, every detail, whether it is Letizia is analyzed with a magnifying glass in each of the media in this country and some abroad. Perhaps if any of us were subject to such scrutiny would not stand, but we’re not queens … I must say!


It was the Princess of Asturias Awards and awarded meantime, as always, the focus of attention since estuba the outfit that would take the queen for the occasion. And Letizia hit, go if you were right! He turned his head designer, Felipe Varela , who made ​​it look spectacular with cocktail dress without sleeves and fitted waist, made ​​in cady black silk and ruffled skirt with layers in gradient (from black to white) with low shorter in front than behind. As for accessories, wild pearl necklace, handbag Varela also black satin and patent leather shoes Magrit room type (Mila model 220 euros). The fact is that we have already seen Queen Letizia wearing shoes Magrit (also 100% Spanish firm) at other times as the communion of her daughter.

What style of dress to attend the wedding

We can’t wear any dress to go to a wedding. It is known to all. The wedding is a good place for women to show their beauty, all women want stylish. That is to say, a dress that gives more elegance to his silhouette. It must therefore be selected according to morphological criteria, according to the importance of marriage and of course according to your financial means to purchase like the picture below.

The example of the small short dress

short cocktail dresses
If you have a short red dress, blue, green, purple, or any color (not black or white) you reach more than once in your wardrobe, it can afford to make a appeared equally noticed a new. Just know you accessorize. The classic short nature of dress is the perfect fit for all events. Whether sleeveless, thin arms, to cut, with or without slot, the little short dress is good choice for you to wear to go a wedding if you have beautiful legs.

Our example of a small short dress: The short open back cocktail dress

high low sequined cocktail dress

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Now if your best friend to invite you to go to her wedding, i can take pleasure in offering you a cheap short cocktail dress that you can locate easily and are also your favorites. It is a style of dress that the coast with girls because it has the advantage of showing the line of the legs. It also promotes rapid movement. For those who want to dress this strapless sequined high low cocktail dress, the dress will enable them to enhance their slim silhouette without problems.