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Learning to Pick Fitted Homecoming Dresses from Celebrities on the New Trend

You may be quite annoyed by how to select one fitted homecoming dress for your homecoming event. Here we offer you one good solution for this problem. Find some famous celebrity magazines, look up them, and you can also turn to some big awards shows, such as the Emmys and the MTV Music Awards. You could see clearly the styles of dress that celebrities are fond of.

best dressed celebrities

It is without any doubt that the latest fashion trends are easily provided to the famous movie stars and music stars, and fashion designers are quite glad to offer celebrities their fashion ideas in dresses. The reason is quite simple that celebrities wearing their dresses could be a best and fast method of advertising the fashion trends to the general public. Among these dresses in style, fitted homecoming dresses are worthy of your attention.

First of all, we’d like to show you one design style which could hardly go out of styles in the fashion trends of homecoming dress. This design element is the different silhouettes which are regarded as classic cuts. As a young lady, it is better to choose such style for it can be both trendy and worn in many occasions. You could wear this style to attend your party, your prom nights, as well as dates, without being out of date in the overall appearance.

red printing formal dresses

Then it comes to the colors for homecoming dresses this season, that is the red color, exactly red satin. This is a bold color which can give a highlight to the figure of your body, especially when combined with the fabrics of satin. This design could be to show off well the best assets of you, and of course, if you just want to blend in with the crowd at the party, just avoid this color. However, if you want to stand out among so many ladies, just try this combination. Celebrities tend to choose this color to obtain an outstanding effect in appearance.

As for the neckline of dresses, strapless style is trendy and offers you a preferred look. There are two particular and popular cuts for homecoming dresses: the mermaid style and the column style. Both styles have free options in colors and fabrics.

The length for the mermaid style is better through the bodice over your knees. Meanwhile, its bottom should be perfect if it flares from the waist and outward with a dramatic finish. For a mermaid style homecoming dress, your accessories should be placed little emphasis, and could not grab any special attention which should be led to the special and bold style of this dress.

The column style has a unique design from the neckline to its hemline, usually with a floor length. Exquisite embellishments are common found in this style, such as rhinestones and crystals, which are designed in a more subdued way, in order to place a highlight to the dramatic cut of the dress itself. Its hemline would be perfect if the dress just end at your ankles.

Every Cinderella needs a gorgeous and decent evening dress to light up princess dreams

Many girls must have seen this famous movie in Hollywood—“Pretty Woman”. Beautiful rhythm, handsome young man, and a pretty lady…you must remember the classic moment when the leading actress wearing a black gorgeous evening dress appear in front of Edward, everybody are deeply attracted by her beauty and elegance. As the rapper in the movie said all the dreams in Hollywood will come true, Cinderella can change into a charming lady with a decent and gorgeous evening dress and win the favor of the prince charming. The story of the Vivian must become many girls’ dreams. The premise is that every Cinderella needs pretty evening dresses to help her shining under the spot light. Here are the magic tips of changing into a gorgeous lady.

First and foremost, you need to pay more attention to the color of the evening dresses. Generally speaking, on formal social occasion or award ceremony, black evening dresses are considered as a gorgeous and decent dress, black floor-length dress can leave people a good impression as an elegant and prestigious goddess, white evening dresses are also a forever fashion in evening parties, and white dresses can enhance your fair skin, your amazing curve, creating an image as a graceful Pageant Princess. As for purple evening dresses, though it is not as popular as black and white evening dresses, it’s definitely the perfect choice for dignified queen.

Secondly, the dresses styles are as meaningful as the party itself, the style you choose need to speak to your style and temperament. Strapless evening dresses are the most commonly seen in the evening parties. As most people believe protruding collarbone and a long, elegant neck are the focus of secondary erogenous zones, therefore a strapless evening dress can enhance your sexy collarbone and elegant neck. If you are feeling uncomfortable of exposing your breast part, then you can try one-shoulder evening dresses, one-shoulder evening dress is as sexy as strapless dress, but give you a sense of safety. And one-shoulder design can shift people’s attention to your fair skin and slender arms.

Thirdly, different cutting of dresses bring about different flavor. A-line cutting evening dresses can make your waist look slimmer and enhance chubby breast. A-shaped tail can explore your amazing curve and Rounded buttock. Layered dress is the fashionable choices of sweet young ladies, tiered ruffle and flower made of lace embellished at the bottom of the dresses are definitely princess’s favorite. Floor-length evening dresses are very popular among tall and slim young ladies, matching with a pair of high heel, leaving an impression as graceful and gorgeous goddess.

Every Cinderella has a princess dream, dreaming that one day she can put on a nice  glass slipper, getting on a pumpkins car, heading to the magnificent palace, it is indeed a desirable fairy tale. We don’t need elves to change out a dazzling evening dress, waiting the invitation of prince. Every lovely young lady need to spend some time and give enough though on picking out a suitable dress for themselves.

Colorful Macaron color accomplish sweet bridesmaid dresses

Macaron is a sweet candy from France. Are you keen on this sweet candy? Nowadays, it is widely accepted by the girls all around the world so that many designers got inspiration from its various colors. They designed more and more sweet and luscious bridesmaid dresses. In these dresses, sweet girls can attend their best friends’ wedding party and enjoy the sweetness and happiness. Today, the designers want the girl dressing these colorful dresses feel sweet from outside to inside.

The colors of Macaron are colorful but not very fresh. To be honest, some pale colors are actually the real color of Macaron. Pink strapless formal dresses are so well-designed that they can show out the plump chest and the slim waist by the pretty folds on the dresses. Wearing some feather-made headwear, the girl is cute and lovable. If you do not know her well, you may believe that she just come out from the candy shop.

yellow formal dressesLemon yellow is another color of Macaron. Have you smelt the fresh air of lemon now? The light yellow dresses with the simplest style are common. However, the hollow out patterns and slightly turn up stereoscopic decorations are really of new conception.

cheap light purple short formal dress

Purple represents noble and secret. And in terms of its mystery, purple is also widely used by the designers. Among various purple dresses, ancient Greek dresses with vertical fold type may be the best suitable one. To make the girl more charming and luxury, the belt with fur plays an essential role in it.

sky blue semi-formal dressesAnother color of Macaron is blue. Blue carries the meaning of quietness and coldness, which may be chosen as a bridesmaid dress when you attend the wedding party in the beach or in hot summer. Pure blue can make the hot weather cooler so that the guests can surely enjoy themselves. Pleated skirt can sharp your body structure perfectly, especially the high waist style which can make the girl look taller and slimmer. If you want to be cute, the falbala must be your choice. The small foreign outfit brings you some mature atmosphere, but the falbala on the collar really cut the age of the girl. If you are going to an outside wedding party, you may choose a wide eaves straw hat which is elegant. Remember that you are not the focus point and you should not be too sexy, while the slightly sexy see through design is safe in some way because of its two levels of colors from inside to out. To make you graceful, simple style may be better. Thus, wear a satin waistband to level out your quality.

Macaron means sweet and happiness so that many girls like to enjoy them with their colorful and happiness dream. In the wedding party, white is the main color of bride. So it is bridesmaids’ responsibility to put some color to the white wedding party, or it may be frozen. The macaron colors of bridesmaids dresses belongs to not only sweet girls but also elegant girls for they contain both paleness and sweetness.

Millersburg business owner to give away free bridal gowns to military personnel

MILLERSBURG – A Millersburg bridal shop owner is making it a bit easier for military families to say “I do”.

Wanda Latshaw, owner of Special Moments Bridal Boutique, will be hosting a Veterans’ Day Giveaway on Monday, Nov. 12, with 100 bridal gowns offered for free to military personnel or veterans.

All that’s needed is valid military identification for the groom or bride. The service member can be from anywhere, she said.

“They’re out there fighting on the front lines so I have the freedom to run a business and I appreciate that,” said Latshaw.

“We are trying to find a way to help – in a small way – to repay these special people for what they do for us everyday.”

Although Latshaw doesn’t currently have any family members serving, her son-in-law, Doug Reinert of Halifax, was a former Marine.

Latshaw said she heard about a bridal shop in the Pittsburgh area that had done something similar to assist military families and that’s what prompted her to try the give-away event at her northern Dauphin County business. She first made the announcement during a bridal show in August at the Best Western Premier hotel in Harrisburg.

The give away will run from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the shop, located at 321 Market St., (Route 147) Millersburg. Patrons should easily be able to spot the store’s mauve-colored double doors at the front entrance.

Top-of-the line brand wedding gowns are among those being given away. Some of the brand selections include Maggie Sottero, Mori Lee, Eden, Anjolique, Emerald Bridal, Joli and Casablanca.

Katie Fetter, of Millersburg, who works at the shop, recently modeled one of the offerings from Sincerity Bridal, valued at $800. It featured a corset-style, laced up back and beading. Fetter, Wanda Latshaw, and Natalie Latshaw will be available on the day of the give away to assist those searching for that special dress.

There will be 245 gowns to choose from in sizes 4 to 30. Latshaw’s planning on giving away 100 gowns on a first-come, first-served basis for that one day only.

Style options vary, too, from strapless, halter, two-piece top and bottom ensembles, ball gowns, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve gowns to dresses with detachable trains. A variety of material choices will also be available. Shoppers can select dresses in satin, chiffon, tafetta and lace.

Bright white’s not the only color option available for today’s brides, and Latshaw’s dress giveaway reflects that. Customers can find free gowns in diamond white, which is a bit softer white; to ivory; to white dresses with black, wine, or chocolate-colored sashes or accents.

Besides the free dresses, Latshaw will also have wedding shoes reduced to $10 per pair, as well as discounts on veils, headpieces and other accessories the day of the giveaway. Latshaw does all custom alterations on-site.

More details can be found at the shop’s Facebook page at SpecialMomentsBridal or by calling 717-692-3994. Latshaw said the dress giveaway information was also featured on WHTM, ABC Channel 27 News, Harrisburg; and tagged on websites for the Carlisle War College and Ft. Indiantown Gap.