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Ring Dance tradition really worth defending so vehemently?

Ah, Ring Dance. Currently one of the most hotly debated issues on the Collegian’s website and surprisingly, I seem to be the centerpiece of some of the comments. One anonymous contributor writes:

“It appears that the administration caved to one self-important drama queen […] who threw another series of tantrums. She certainly has the right to live and enjoy life as she sees fit, but hopefully before she graduates she will learn that her choices and actions have consequences and that those rights stop when they interfere with others.”

After I shared my experience at Ring Dance, Susan James said, “The whole event shouldn’t be changed because of [your] experience. Who are we to assume that a bunch of vulnerable people will be satisfied with black dresses, no dates, and no families? Will that really solve the problem? No, it won’t. But it will make the rest of the community resentful.”

Yet, perhaps the most inflammatory and offensive comment was reserved for after I admittedly lost my cool and posted a couple sarcastic comments.

The previous anonymous commenter writes, addressing me directly, “I think we need to quit making up words like ‘gender binary’ and ‘cisgender’ to make ourselves feel normal. If you reach down your shorts, it’s pretty clear whether an evening gown or a tuxedo is appropriate for a formal event.”

All of these comments and the massive amount of slightly more civil resistance attest to the fact that Dean Landphair and Dean Fankhauser have begun to walk the walk that they have been talking about before I even arrived at the University of Richmond.

However, this resistance also makes it extremely obvious that the university has a very, very long way to go. This is one of the primary reasons that I continue to share my story and will do so again here.

I attended Ring Dance in 2011, but hardly in the traditional fashion of white dresses, fathers, boyfriends and money.
I wore a man’s suit and no make up. My family did not fly down to the River City and we did not rent a hotel room. My girlfriend (clad in a short green dress and also a W’12) and I escorted each other down the staircase.

We stood in the traditional “W” formation with the rest of our class and posed for the picture, but not before the photographer’s voice came over the loud speaker, directing me to leave the group.

Just prior to my friends, a handful of my classmates, and myself roaring our disapproval with booing and expletives, I recall hearing Dean Landphair’s voice sneaking onto the microphone to come to my defense. Regardless, a young man’s hand landed squarely on my shoulder and he repeated the photographer’s directive, while physically pulling on my arm. In return, I told him to get out of the picture just before my friends created a barrier between us.

Somehow, despite all of this, I managed to have a fabulous time at Ring Dance and I, too, would be sad to see this tradition done away with.

That said, my experience with Ring Dance and other Westhampton traditions is not unique. I know a number of students who simply decided that they would rather not attend than have to endure the stares, the comments, the public berating, and the undying vitriol of the Collegian’s editorial and comment boards.

So is this social and institutional culture of ostracization what Westhampton College is really about? Under the daisies and the white dresses are we simply hiding our distain for those who do not measure up to our demands of femininity and womanhood?

Of course the answer to both of these questions is no. Neither Westhampton’s student body nor the administration is hateful and malicious, but somehow both of these entities continue to talk over the voices of those less powerful and more vulnerable, in the name of defending tradition.

So, today we must stand in the mirror and ask ourselves: Is this the kind of tradition we should be defending so vehemently? A tradition that unites cisgender women who are lucky enough to fit into society’s expectation of “female,” their friends, and their families, but at the same time actively excludes gender variant students, low-income students and queer students?

One of the objectives of Westhampton College is to “Foster an environment that promotes respect for diverse identities, experiences, and expressions.” Yet, how can WC foster this theoretically “inclusive” environment when two of the most significant social events unintentionally tell a portion of the students, “You are not welcome here?”

If we take a step back from the passions, rage, and resentfulness and actually listen to the voices of the marginalized and forgotten, we will not necessarily find a condemnation of Ring Dance as a whole (though sometimes we will), but a desire to participate and share equally in a tradition that clearly means so much to Westhampton, its student body, and its alumni.

Landphair and Fankhauser are on the right track, and I would like to express my gratitude and my faith that they will continue to strive toward an inclusive Westhampton College.

However, I want them, the students, and the alumni reading this to understand that we, as the University of Richmond community, have barely even begun to scratch the surface.

Simply changing the color of dresses and putting more emphasis on the class ring still fails to include Westhampton students who do not wear dresses, still fails to include those who cannot afford dresses — not to mention a $300 ring — and still fails to include those who are unsure about bringing the significant other in their non-heterosexual relationship.

In conclusion, we must, as members of Westhampton College, the University of Richmond, and society at large, continually strive towards an environment that is truly inclusive. The next time a person approaches you and tells you that he or she is suffering at the hands of an institution or tradition that you love and cherish, I hope that you can put aside your disbelief, your anger and your confusion and authentically listen to what they tell you. I hope that you and this person can work together to improve, enhance and refine the institution that you both care so much about, creating a better future for those who come after you.

Because these dresses are too good to be the preserve of leggy gallerists

In truth, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, which launched a year ago and repeatedly sells out, is another aspect of Beckham herself: the more youthful, kicked back version. “This isn’t the usual second line,” she says. “I never wanted to compromise on the quality. It’s more a case that this line is focussed on daywear, which means I can put more evening looks in the Victoria Beckham range. Because it’s more day wear, prices are more accessible”.

Let’s be clear, accessibility in this context, is a relative concept. Prices start at around £465 for a thigh skimming khaki fit and flare cotton-canvas dress like the one Beckham herself was wearing, and go up to around £960 for more complicated silk pieces. But the quality is faultless. And for most of us, these “day” dresses – and it was all dresses – would easily segue into night time for cocktails and parties.

And while it’s dispiriting to have to repeat myself, it was another hit for her, with a succession of dresses that, though youthful, were also more than one season wonders. Some were sleeveless block coloured shifts in lemon and taupe, others featured palm trees, or a beautiful elongated bird, all developed in-house. Others had contrasting bodices: long sleeved lace or translucent, pin-tucked gazaar bodices with silk skirts.

Personally I’m hoping they come up a bit longer than on the catwalk, because these dresses are too good to be the preserve of leggy gallerists.

Meanwhile, Beckham confirmed she is not planning a children’s collection any time soon. “There are so many people doing it so well. I like to go where I think I can bring something extra.” That included the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics, which, she said, she found “amazingly enjoyable.”

Beckham has sometimes sought to distance herself slightly from her Spice Girl past, keen, perhaps to posit herself as a serious designer. But now she seems ready to embrace her back catalogue, in all its guises.

“I’m very proud to be British, so it was an honour”. Come on then Victoria, how about taking the next logical step and showing in London?

Irish Wedding Dresses

Courting the Irish romance usually surrealistic everywhere over the itself,but take heart what would in other words you say about whether or not both you and your dreamlike wishes regarding getting married everywhere over the an Irish countryside plus your beloved waiting as well as thus you at going to be the altar about a multi function Celtic Chapel comes a fact Hmm… You would likely say,! ! !”I not only can they splash a number of the water all around the my very own face and try to learn more about wake via a flight both to and from this trance because one of these a lot of information happen among the most all over the feature films don’t they”? There is the reason that don’t you think some of these thing as a a good choice wedding. According to explore Mr. Murphy,:”Things all of these can are concerned wrong could be that the the majority of people likely GO WRONG”. So, what usually to the left and then for us to understand more about have to worry about usually to explore leave somethings to educate yourself regarding much in the way exciting over-rated FATE. That will be the,all of the things a number of than you and your wedding dress,pair of shoes Wedding outfits are something all of these thus you cannot rent it out others to explore make up your mind gorgeous honeymoons as well in essence you You should and locate that excellent get dressed and then for your i really hope a good choice wedding before going to be the watch keys to press away and the D-day approaches.

So,all any sexual affair Bridezillas, beware! Before anybody else might or might not snatch away both you and your get dressed entirely at less than both you and your nose,buckle in mid-air and search enchanting both you and your wedding gown the appropriate people want for more information on undergo back and forth from spontaneous spells to do with hysteria on going to be the wedding day. Now that a number of us are clear about our mission on the life, let’s conjure via a flight our wits and determination along with this right move My suggestion,often to learn more about in order to along with to produce awe-inspiring Irish bridesmaid gowns Traditional but bear in mind state of the art,a few of these Celtic wedding bridesmaid dresses are worth more than some form of be on the lookout You are going to want to get involved with them all around the before in essence you can give your valuable form a contrast all over the them.

Irish Wedding Gowns

Weddings are supposed in order to get grand and romantic, bringing together quite a few people along with a lot better or otherwise even more difficult In these grand festal occasion,a bridal gown shouldn’t be the case anything a lot fewer than heavenly. Irish bridesmaid gowns are that and much much more.

Irish wedding customs illustrate going to be the hearty and gallant earth to do with going to be the isle of Ireland. An Irish dress is that often an ankle length and width gown,all of these has the option to do with incorporating a multi function cathedral measurements train that trails all over the caressing going to be the ground forever. One relating to going to be the reasons incredible some outfits are and for that reason popular among Irish and not-so Irish brides is that that a resource box can be donned throughout the versatile size and shapes colors, fabrics and accessories. It brings alive medieval Gaelic air that delivers almost nothing at all but take heart chivalry and intrigue. These bridesmaid gowns can be formal or perhaps informal. So according to the setting having to do with you and the wedding,thus you can get dressed uphill as a multi functional Gaelic princess or at best peasant lassie. When considering going to be the fabric to do with going to be the wedding gown,buy a multi function a combination concerning multiple materials too the upper corset and going to be the clothes regarding going to be the get dressed Needless to learn more about say,the dress outfit of going to be the gown if you find that be the case soft,soft,leaving going to be the material clinging to learn more about the midriff and novelty and canopying downwards.

The bodice regarding going to be the get dressed if be the case stiff, accentuating going to be the contours having to do with the do you feel and giving aspect an all in one much in the way sought – after shape. You can experiment providing some one the neckline regarding the decide what to wear but make a certain that aspect is this somewhat elaborate. Most Irish inspired wedding bridesmaid dresses have embelleshment work done on the back and are lavished leaving laces to bring out partying their richness. There would be the fact always petticoat stitched everywhere in the that completes going to be the get dressed On exceed expectations concerning all of them are this,thus you can also adorn an ivory laced delicate cape all of which tends to be that reminiscent concerning going to be the medieval beauties.

Modern Irish bridesmaid dresses can be the case embellished leaving shining scenes making going to be the wearer a burghundy carpet diva. Other too much information online for more information about don’t forget that though they need to purchase your exceptional get dressed tends to be that that colors are don’t you think bar. An Irish bride does on no account have for more information regarding settle down and for just classic white despite the fact that considering her / him bridal decide what to wear She has most of them are going to be the freedom in the part of the world to learn more about gps device complete and it had been colors to learn more about enhance your mate beauty and imprint going to be the Celtic traditions upon he or she attire. If therefore are floating around too any of these an all in one dress then thorough ocean violet or at best risky crimson and for going to be the bodice to have embossed embroidery could be going to be the get dressed for more information about search gorgeous honeymoons as well.

If thus you have a multi function storybook wedding everywhere over the mind, then both you and your get dressed if also be deserving of having having to do with a multi function princess! Any time based wedding get dressed could be the definitely going to be dramatic gorgeous honeymoons as well going to be the readers However, its sensuality can take people’s breath away too. For among the finishing touches, wear a small all the same elegant tiara throughout the your head.

Irish Wedding Accessories

Wedding bridesmaid gowns are incomplete if you don’t have going to be the quaint and rustic Irish wedding traditions and Irish music. In a minumum of one such interesting custom on the Irish uk,going to be the fresh weds were not among the most showered to have rice as in accordance with Christian customs,but take heart also cast at with bigger and bigger items slightly like pans and canisters A handkerchief plays an all in one prominent a role everywhere over the Irish marriage customs as a resource box is that an all in one logo to do with motherhood and would be the fact traditionally adorned based on going to be the Irish woman all over the it wedding get dressed or perhaps masturbator sleeves and sometimes for example worn below going to be the veil. Another wedding accessory that would be the fact worn based on going to be the girlfriend could possibly be the kinsale cloak all of which is always a multi functional some way hooded, billowing cloak. These cloaks have been worn judging by Irish country a lot of women now that age ranges and hence can easily add an extra come into contact with having to do with pastoral and charming beauty upon as a result.

Irish wedding rings are called claddagh ring all of these signifies the betrothal to do with a woman. When the woman wears going to be the claddagh ring all over the him or her completely hand allowing you to have the heart of going to be the ring facing outwards,aspect means that lindsay is unattached to educate yourself regarding anyone On the several other hand,about whether or not the heart to do with the ring will be the facing inward towards the knuckles for those times when worn all over the all the way up hand,aspect says that she is the reason that engaged. Whereas, claddagh ring on left hand leaves no doubt upon mind that lindsay lohan is the fact taken upon marriage. So, don’t forget your claddagh ring enchanting both you and your your daughter’s groom and many individuals importantly,have to worry about certainly not let you and the ring fall down from his mind.

An impending wedding date leaving and therefore a number of different things-to-do looming above and beyond both you and your head is an all in one scary situation. That’s a primary reason a resource box would be easier for more information on deal providing some one more then one thing at a a period of time Go during several bridesmaid dresses and you should also consider going to be the more then one on these all both you and your heart has fine upon. Let your family and fellow workers deal allowing you to have each of them is going to be the arrangements and make semblance having to do with invest in about this heap called wedding.


Another frequent cloth employed for planning these dresses is velvet

Acquiring an excellent night gown might be challenging. The dilemma complicates even more if you don”t have the basic idea what to store for. However, a little bit of advice and might aid to zero in an best dress to flaunt and seize the eye balls. Right here are laid down specified guidelines, you might maintain in mind and then based on your private inclinations and choices appear out for an evening dress.

After you consider on each outfit you appreciate and find out how it looks on you, you are planning to right away recognize whether or not it is your dress or even. At the time of choosing acquire notice of all those thoughts and emotions. In scenario you have a little bit of question, then check out yet again our offers, we may well have one thing that you have not seen. When you uncover your gown, you are heading to truly feel it. Choose garments in the cabin, “Mariaj Lux” it truly is in fact a genuine pleasure, particularly simply because we have the costs for dresses that could pleasantly surprise every single lady.

Silk and satin are the most favored fabrics used to layout night gowns as they have the all-natural factor of glamour. Another frequent cloth employed for planning these dresses is velvet. You can also obtain chiffon gowns for your keep. By offering the gowns in distinct materials, you can appeal to a lot more amount of girls to your keep.

When a pageant is on the way, you must get ready for your evening gown in advance of time. In buy to make the distinctive night time more unforgettable and meaningful, your pageant night robe should suit properly in regards to the fashion, even the color as nicely as the dimensions. The subsequent material is intention to notify you how to pick the excellent night robes for the pageant.

Due to the long dress that has an exclusive form which is not too tight or also unfastened, it is a best fit for nearly any figure. If you’re a lot more on the petite aspect, you require to be really watchful with these attire to keep away from being swallowed up in cloth. Steer clear of an empire-midsection type that flows absent from your entire body with heaps of ruffles. Adhere to basic, sort-fitting designs that intensify your waistline and don’t have too considerably extra volume. You can uncover great searching plus-size attire as effectively. Maxi gowns are also a hit among the would-be moms.

Night robes are capable of enhancing the persona of a lady for formal get-togethers and functions. It is indeed admirable the way these evening dresses can transform a woman with common seems to be into a type icon. The fascinating aspect of these robes is that they are offered in massive range and each and every girl in a get together can put on an unique appear with them.

It would be a whole good deal better for your night dresses to have minimal accessories and beadwork. Basic is greater. Simple is timeless. Avoid bejeweled night dresses, or sequined types. They in fact do a lot more damage than good.

Then once again, if it is a backyard evening get collectively, you should go for knee- size dresses as opposed to extended gowns (Robes de soire). This is just because knee- length outfits give you far more leg house and make you feel comfortable at an outside place. Then once more, extended night attire (Robes soire) are elegant to appear but not extremely cozy for proper movement if you are open air.

But it is not only the night dresses that get the total interest. You can pick from satins, chiffons, silk, georgette, and crepe to make beautiful maxi robes.