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Little black dress, your must-have for formal occasions

The trendy and still do from Ladies Fashion for formal occasions, you can remember the little black dress. Little black dress is a dress all in black. These dresses are made a classic fashion for women.

cheap little black dress

The best aspect of this formal dress is that it is suitable for all body types and all occasions. It is closely related to the sheath dress and is for example worn as a cocktail dress. It improves a perfect figure and hiding the defects of character. This is the main reason why the little black dresses are must-have. Every woman should exactly have the right to create a Little Black Dress. Choosing the perfect little black dress can be a bit difficult.

black formal gown

Style No.: PEBG1373

Of Fashion Show we will also find many Little Black Dress Designers like Coco Chanel. The classic little black dresses are a perfect style for any occasion, parties, conferences and galas, company management, etc .. These cocktail dresses are so multi-talented fashion, especially the classic is never forgotten by us, like little black. Schwazes element is perhaps dark, but it brings you high-quality effect. Black can easily fit all colors … red, gold, white, purple … With the little black dress, you can have too many Wahle of clothes accessories. For the ladies it’s really enjoyable.

little black dress

Style No.: PEBG1371

Little black dress is simple in style, but very elegant. The little one can also make very attractive women. “Little black dress” is used in women’s fashion, for example as a satin dress still far. Substances frequently used are chiffon and organza. You get the little black dresses from either a reliable online store, as, finally it is all worthwhile.

The bridal inspiration from red carpet

It is not the first, nor the last, we see a celebrity to attend a presentation, gala event or relevant altar with simple white dress that way. Why the boom of this trend?

The gowns in white , nude or shades like ivory, blue or blush dusting have become a real alternative to black, red, blue or green classic. Designers, avid collectors and prescribers of trends only serve to include them in their collections and, of course, the famous are the first to show off this type of model. The wedding dresses, ie, in white, for adding a touch of romance, sophistication, coquetry, sweetness and freshness looks are on the red carpet, so the celebrities are increasingly turning to more events with this type of design.

minimalist bridal dress

Focusing on the outfit Emma Watson, say that wearing a column suit with halter neckline and designed by Ralph Lauren. The design, made ​​of silk georgette takes a panel up to the hip silk. Noah actress he combined it with simple Pumps with fine tip in white, silver clutch Jimmy Choo (Carmen model) style earrings ” ear cuff “Anita Ko and slaves in large golden Jennifer Meyer. Special mention also deserve their delicate makeup and collected, because I think that would also be great for a bride on her wedding day.

Where to get wedding dress for little money

Tip1: Department store

Major department stores offer their customers a department for bridal wear. Here sometimes hanging even models last season – and are sold at a reduced price.

Tip 2: Thrift store

Some of these transactions have even specialized in bridal wear (see the Industry Register). Most, however, receive occasional purely a wedding dress. So rather inquire in advance by telephone.

cheap Wedding Dresses Australia

Tip 3: Classified ads in newspapers, etc.

You can even Ads in “Wanted” or search under “Sales” for a wedding dress. The offer is quite remarkable, especially in spring and summer.

Tip 4: Internet

Surfing the Internet can find a used wedding dress – even that is possible. With mails back and forth details can be equal to clarify from woman to woman. Even thrift stores offer on the Internet under the search word “Bride Fashion” or “trousseau” on.

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Tip 5: Borrow

When professional lender the bride between numerous models to choose from. Each looks like new and is adapted to the figure. After the wedding, you are the dress back, never to return. In industry registers look under “bride clothes”, “trousseau” and costume rental “.

The embroidery on wedding dress

If you’re looking for something different to make your wedding dress, the bridal market is booming with news. One is the effect tattoo done with embroidery. It is curious?

Called a tattoo lace, the effect is made ​​possible by an embroidered stuck in a tulle illusion, creating a visual play, as if they were embroidered on your skin. For the more daring brides , it can create this effect on top of the bridal dress almost full, enhancing the silhouette.

embroidery wedding dresses

But if you want to be more discreet and not let the side trend, one option is to use the tattoo effect on the sleeves of her dress, which can be as short as long. Another idea is to use the neckline of her back, leaving her and sensual look.

vintage Wedding Dresses

You can also choose to use the model in the neck, giving the discrete sultry effect. Embroidery lace may have applications, beads, stones and sequins. Just be careful with the hype, since to be a chic bride is necessary to know how to balance the style.

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10 mistakes to avoid if you are a wedding guest

We all know when we have to play a leading role and a secondary or protagonist. And if you’ve been invited to a wedding, it is clear that it is the day of the bride. We leave a Decalogue with some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be the perfect guest.

perfect wedding guest dress

We can all have a bad day and not be entirely successful with our party look or not inspire in choosing the perfect formal dress. But to avoid such situations or reduce the maximum effects, consider these tips :

1. NO to the party dresses with glue: do not stick to a wedding! The spectacular nature and sophistication of the backs with glue, in this case, is exclusively reserved for the bride. That this is not Hollywood and we’re not walking on the red card carpet

2. NO feathers, sequins and shine without measure: A wedding is more than just a party. This is an event with greater solemnity and therefore we do without more details “festivaleros” in our dress.

3. NO the mark for the nude or very washed shades: Well, it seems that all we are clear … but horror! So typical guest who is dressed in white appears. So it is worth to emphasize this again.

4. NO to total black look: While etiquette have relaxed considerably in recent years regarding black dresses at a wedding, we should avoid supplements supplements in the same key. Yes to the bright vibrant colors!

High low Aqua Blue Green Wedding Guest Dress in Satin

A vibrant hue to the wedding party. Click photo to see the back.

5. NO to American: You wear a cute dress, you are divine and everything is great. Do not spoil it with an American. They do not stick to anything with a costume party!

6. NO makeup War: At a wedding, you should not only consider the dress or accessories, but the hair and makeup also feature. Opt for something discreet, natural and that highlights your features.

7. Combed recharged NO: Idem with the theme of makeup. That collected processed are fine, they are very beautiful and look great in magazines. But if you’re not used, always think that the loose hair also looks great.

8. NO handbags than hand: There is nothing worse in a guest left a bag cross. At a wedding, always, always, always handbag, either clutch or small handles type. And the smaller the better!

9. NO to invited leading jewelry in tow: Some people think that a wedding is ideal for bringing out all his stuff now. Ladies and ladies, moderation!

10. In short, not the excesses: The maximum you always have to have stuck in your head when you go to be a wedding guest is “less is more”. That is the crux of the matter! In the photos you can see different looks perfect holiday to attend a wedding as a guest .