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A very nice year 2016 with the short formal dresses

The small small dresses team wishes you an excellent year 2016, full of happiness and perhaps a happy event to celebrate?
For us, the year 2016 will still high in color with new upcoming models in early spring and other projects in preparation, not to mention always full of news about the blog !

Dressesmall Unique short color block Cocktail dress with sequin bodice
Today we simply wanted to return to this crazy year 2015.
A new collection with more modern to satisfy even more models all tastes, colors that good smack of the Silk Road, a parade in our shop in the 17th arrondissement, photo shoots to create pretty visuals of quality to you present year-round, a passage on France 2, enriching partnerships, private sales, and many lots of weddings, brides, maids of honour and groomsmen, dresses and assorted lavallières, much happiness in the eyes of the clients come meet us at the showroom.

Dressesmall Beautiful Organza Boat Neck Lace Ruffle Formal Dress

What inflate our little hearts of designers!
Many thanks to all those that contributed so much this year, in their own way, we are so grateful!
Thanks Greg, Marie, Marie-Céline, Amélie, Perrine, Laurie, Lumi, Lucia, Cédric, Vincent (from the restaurant the Schmuck, in Paris), Claire, Camille, Maïwenn, Pauline, Christel, Deborah, Céline, Babushka, Guillaume, Aurélie, Audrey, Anaïs, Saltire and Poudrier, and Cynthia!
It went to a new ride in 2016, excellent new year to everyone!

Beautiful semi-formal dresses to wear everywhere

All women want to flaunt a beautiful, amazing dress to every other time they go but it’s not very frugal and wise also to buy a new dress for every occasion and that even when you are a modern, working women. in this scenario, the question of new dresses that have become an everyday thing. In this context, the perfect solution for you is formal attire and the best part is their semi formality Factor depends only on how you accessorize them. it’s not something that you have to buy separately for your wardrobe.

Dressesmall Sweet Hand Made Flower Ruching One Shoulder Chiffon A line Bridesmaid Dress

photo: red formal dresses

One of the main factors that are important for converting your dress for formal attire is how you accessorize it. in accessories as well, what distinguishes a dress from a formal dress is the kind of shoes you pick up to put on with your dress. for example, a pair of heels compliments the color of your dress, an elegant plate or flip flops under the style of dress, a metallic, shiny patent leather shoes are often good choices to make. When it comes to jewelry since silver, Gold or metal jewelry will complement all semi formal dress, but you should keep in mind that the material in your jewelry should always be in coordination with the fabric of your dress. an elegant and not too heavy necklace will also work wonders, but also studded diamond necklace will go over the top. wearing a jacket with the same dress will do so formally, while putting on a leather jacket, with clutch provides a perfect formal look.
Another thing that is important for a formal dress is the length and fabric of the dress. Silk, velvet, Cashmere, polyester, are good options. When it comes to length, is too much skin showing not so good. choose something that doesn’t show a lot of cleavage as formal dresses is comparatively conservative.

Dressesmall Sexy Pleats Beading V neck Chiffon Black Sheath Knee Length Formal Dress

Photo: black formal dresses

In addition to accessorizing, some of the most assorted options for formal dresses are also available. for example, a short black dress is one of the best options because it is very easy to shop in accordance with your needs. It is suitable for both types of accessories, the formal and semi formal. other suitable options are the tailored dresses. flared bottom, soft Burgundy color and some soft feminine form is always better than anything else.
The analysis of the transformation of any dress from the formal to the semi formal has shown that evening dresses are one of the most economical choice as any woman. have them in your wardrobe can save you from a lot of hassle if the mundane issue, what to wear? some suitable accessorizing can solve all your problems.

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Young stylish formal dresses for girls on the wedding party

Today, many people are upset now, what style formal dress to wear in the wedding party? As a guest, our dress can not be too stunning, but it not means that you can wear it casually, now we will introduce three style formal dress for you to attend your friends wedding.

coral red short formal dress
Cutting loose elegant collocation is pure and fresh and beautiful coral red, a girl of full-bodied amorous feelings. The white printing of the triangular geometry teenage lively personality, collocation fastens with color high-heeled sandals, sends out beautiful and free from vulgarity temperament.

mint green hollow out short formal dress

 Mint green hollow out short formal dress

The practical and youth dress will make a lot of girls fondle admiringly, exquisite hollow out design is concise and modern and vibrant, dynamic match the mint green color like ice cream. Upper body sleeveless vest and lined with vest skirt can separate wearing, easy collocation, after attending the wedding, also can wear in normal life!
Red and white strip short formal dressThe pink vest dress with suiting fabrics, red and white alternate with don’t form the tree one stripe pattern, horizontal stripes in the upper body is relatively light, with lower body symmetry and young thin stripe of a bright contrast, light scattering of skirt girl full of flavor, simple double light high heels can present lively sweet style.

“Old middle yong” all loves summer fresh little white dress! Who dress the Dolce&Gabbana LWD best?

Dolce&Gabbana white lace short dress

Sarah Gadon wearing Dolce&Gabbana FW14-15 white embroidered lace dress at《Belle》London Premiere.

Helen Mirren wearing Dolce&Gabbana FW14-15 white embroidered lace dress at Audi Charity Ascot.

Audrey Tautou wearing Dolce&Gabbana FW14-15 white embroidered lace dress attend Magic in the Moonlight New York Premiere.

Sarah Gadon,Audrey Tautou and Helen Mirren all love one style Dolce&Gabbana summer little white dress,  but who wear it best?

Girl’s wardrobe must have one fresh summer white dress, the celebrities are the same. This Dolce&Gabbana lace hollow little white dress are loved by three celebrities. They are Sarah Gadon the young actress from Canada, Audrey Tautou the middle egad actress from France and the elder actress from England Helen Mirren. Three different celebrities from different countries in different ages, each one has her pretty style.

white lace short cocktail dresses

Image source: white cocktail dresses by

So do you have one white lace dress for summer? A white lace dress is suitable for many occasions. A short or knee length white lace dress is ok for a cocktail or party or semi formal occasion as pictured above, while a long white lace dress can absolutely suitable for a formal evening night or occasion.

15 Bridesmaid Dresses to Wear Again and Again

black short formal bridesmaid dressshort formal dress in yellow tone with beaded detailsbeige short bridesmaid dress531983d05ab0453198491f1153Speaking from experience, bridesmaid dresses (similar to wedding dresses, unless you’re Keira Knightley) fall in the neighborhood of one-time wear pieces, often neglected and left to lurk in the inner depths of a closet, only to resurface during nostalgic spring cleaning sprees. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We took it upon ourselves to find worthy creations that are as pretty as they are re-wearable.
short formal & wedding dresses
To note: Pair mini- and midi-length dresses with a blazer and pumps to take it from the office to an evening out.
short bridesmaids dresses
For the day, dress it down with a utilitarian coat or a leather moto-style jacket, and menswear-inspired brogues.

These short or knee length bridesmaid dresses work for equally formal occasions, like a baby shower or a wedding. Or, treat it like a summery maxi dress, and top it off with a denim jacket, if you so choose.
knee length bridesmaid dresses
Bridesmaid dresses aren’t exclusive for one night, and if we had known that in high school, we would have approached dress shopping a little differently. Regardless of whether you will be going to wedding this year or just on the lookout for a killer frock, shop these 15 highly versatile dresses that will go further than one time only.