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The look of queen Letizia of Austurias Awards

By popular demand I discussed the look that has looked at the Princess Letizia of Asturias Awards. Apparently you liked!

Every look, every detail, whether it is Letizia is analyzed with a magnifying glass in each of the media in this country and some abroad. Perhaps if any of us were subject to such scrutiny would not stand, but we’re not queens … I must say!


It was the Princess of Asturias Awards and awarded meantime, as always, the focus of attention since estuba the outfit that would take the queen for the occasion. And Letizia hit, go if you were right! He turned his head designer, Felipe Varela , who made ​​it look spectacular with cocktail dress without sleeves and fitted waist, made ​​in cady black silk and ruffled skirt with layers in gradient (from black to white) with low shorter in front than behind. As for accessories, wild pearl necklace, handbag Varela also black satin and patent leather shoes Magrit room type (Mila model 220 euros). The fact is that we have already seen Queen Letizia wearing shoes Magrit (also 100% Spanish firm) at other times as the communion of her daughter.

Wedding Specials: Bridesmaid dresses online

The winter wedding is coming. OUR brides are worried about the wedding dresses for their special days. A bride would like to any height to her wedding as memorable as she could with happy bridesmaids ready to congratulate her, but if the winters go hard on us, don’t let it hinder your party and in order to avoid unpleasant situations, go with a make little planning prior to your wedding. Many things count for a perfect wedding,  including bridesmaid dresses and other bridal girl attires.

It is important to decide on the color first. Leaving behind lighter shades to be worn in the summers and chiffon as the choice of substance to calm down in hot weather, winters call for dark tones with blue as the prominent of them all. It is the color for the winter, especially during extremely cold days along with other viable option select deep blue shadows, aqua and icy blue for winter and this is the reason for blue when the trendy new color for the fall collection to regard for 2015-2016.

The Eggplant color Eggplant Purple, cobalt blue and metal are the beautiful colors for you to glue the eyes with dark color as the following ideal color for bridesmaid dresses. The most interesting is to make yourself aware of the prevailing contrasts in dark colors with cobalt blue goes well with black or how about a combination of blue with chocolate? For example, a cobalt blue dress an interesting black or brown sash or a lace, quite in trend.

Other important things to consider for a bridesmaid when selecting bridesmaid dresses for a winter wedding is the length, fabric and silhouette. The trend is to go for the shorter length end just below the knee hence making it versatile and portable for later occasions. However, the decision to choose a cocktail length, you can decide on the location for the indoors instead of keeping wedding ceremonies outside. Then coming to the silhouettes, curtains, asymmetric hems or ruffles on both short and long lengths do wonders this winter. The substance of course should be the one who is thick enough to hold off the cold waves and so are satin, silk, charmeuse and taffeta lined up in shops and that you can try out the Velvet too.

See more other chic dresses here.
One of the hottest necklines for bridesmaid dresses is the halters, flattering to almost every woman. Embellished halter strap bridesmaid dresses, the silky silk gowns in halters, halter style spaghetti strap dress with lace adorn waistlines and the belt hand decorated excellences in halter all new innovations come up for you this winter.
Winter weddings can so memorable exciting moments, if only a little bit of planning is done on the dress, the fabric, color and length in the consideration of the trend off course. Online stores have the best accumulation of the trend of the season in dress and looking for this for the best bargain can save on the precious time spent on other wedding planning tasks.

The Olsen twins designed her first wedding gown

The hippie chic or boho style that characterizes could not miss one of the most important designs, so far, in his career as creative directors. The result is a scandal!

wedding dress designed by Olsen twins

It has been many years since the Olsen twins to make known for his role of Michelle Tanner on the series “Full House”, “Three for Three” or “Full House” in English. And now, touching almost 30 years, apart from his talent as actors, triumph in his facet of your store designers and The Row. But the wedding of one of her best friends, Molly Fishkin (fashion stylist recognized in EE. UU), now it has opened the doors of the wedding world.

As stated bride in Vogue USA: ” When I committed, they said they’d love to design my wedding dress I was very excited, because his taste is impeccable and I trust them His team has been incredible and.. patient with me that we made ​​the process incredibly nice. I’ll never forget what they did for me. ” The wedding, country chic style, took place at the Paramour Mansion in Los Angeles.

And to be consistent with the beautiful decor and most importent stage of his life, the bride decided to use a dress boho or hippie-inspired, made ​​in lace with bell sleeves and luffing veil complemented by shoes, mules type of Manolo Blahnik . After seeing the final result will certainly not be the last raid of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in the bridal world!

Make bachelorette party in style

Say goodbye to the single life is unparalleled fun. Traditionally, women and men have the right to enjoy themselves before they were married. It’s sort of pre wedding celebration. A moment that should be celebrated and tanned with friends.

For her bachelorette party, capriche! Her friends and you deserve. You are out of ideas? Check out the following list:

bachelorette party ideas

1. Party: How about preparing a mini party with her ​​friends? A special night when you can drink and relax. Can be in the ballroom on someone’s building in some big house, somewhere that you can feel comfortable. The best of the party is that you can relax and relieve pre wedding stress.

2. Dinner: You are one of those who does not like to dance and prefer something more peaceful? Then, organize a dinner with her ​​friends. Can be in a restaurant washed down with good food and drink. Certainly, you can have fun and laugh together.

3. Ballad: How about going on some ballad? If you enjoy the busiest nights, gather your closest friends and fall in the evening. It’s great to relax with friends and celebrate a new phase of life that is coming. For even more fun, buy props like mini bridal veil and go out with her ​​friends to celebrate.

4. Lingerie and sexshop: If you want something more provocative, her friends could organize a lingerie and sex shop tea before your Big Day Winning goodies to spice up your post-marriage relationship is good fun and certainly will give you and your friends good laugh.

It is important you combine a date about 15 days to a week before the wedding. Remember that the night before the Great Day is important to be well rested. In all, have fun! offers the tips!

Formal gowns in full color

Who said formal dresses could not be vibrant, bright tone?

cheap yellow Formal Dresses

Leaving aside the more traditional colors, many times we face cheerful hues and youth, however, did not dare to look. Either because of embarrassment, not wanting to draw too much attention or we are not used to dress like that. Well, that has to stop!

red Formal Dresses

For next season, also colors like red, fuchsia, black or lilac, also carried the yellow, orange or green apple tones. And is that a lack of prints, not too lavish collections 2016, designers have chosen the color gamut of their formal gowns, and so make us look fantastic and appealing, but without being vulgar or make us look like a rainbow. Also, satin or satin fabrics are also used to enhance the brightness or materials like beads or rhinestones to add an extra glamor.

green Formal Dresses

And as always in the gowns of Dressesmallau, also backs are particularly relevant are discovered or run wild, almost absolute limits, leaving the bare skin and suggestive female form. Ready to star in scenes subidita tone and make the colors come up to you? 😉