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Who is the first fashion queen in London? Princess Kate PK Victoria Beckhem

The London “Evening Standard” once Kate – Middleton and Victoria – David Beckham as the most influential woman in London, Both of these are the cause of love double harvest actress model, let us compare this two of the top ladies’ fashion targets. “

Victoria and kate's fashion lookSinee Kate – Middleton and Prince William married, she has been the focus of public attention, whether it is the century wedding or her everyday dress, it is the focus of fashion and model in British fashion ring and the global . Another recently participate pk Victoria Beckham’s influence in the fashion circle can not be underestimated, and she create her own brand and her own each one out and loaded piercing the most in street shooting equipment. So the two fashion higher-ups pk game is absolutely not to be missed.

 pk Style: Suits

Victoria and kate's suitVictoria: Victoria Beckhams is not the words “wearing the wrong clothes” in her dictionary. Casual black suit is draped over her shoulders which is the most In a worn in today, black and white collocation work is not tired, white shirt and black jacket perfect combination is ahcieved the Beckhams long time seeking: cold queen.

Kate: Kate – Middleton weekday is prefer to wear casual jeans and striped shirt, this time she chose a more formal suit, it has a very Legally Blonde feeling, it is do not to say that the suit can only be used white shirt to match with it, Kate show the the blue-hued shirt with a suit fit for us.

pk style: white jumpsuit skirt

Victoria and kate's white dress

Victoria: Victoria’s look with sharp eyes is to know that she is a bit high cold goddess. Beckham’s white dress hem is the highlight of the whole dress, feather texture white skirt hem design makes the dress which is sense been cut, the Beckhams choose a pair of white pointed heels match with the skirt, it is really a nice wear star in humans who can not wear the wrong dress.

Kate: Kate is always so gentle, pleasant, her body exudes a unique PFP temperament. Her white lace dress trimmed is so good which is make the kate’s stature wrapped just right.

pk Style: Occupational ol loaded

Victoria and kate's ol wear

Victoria: The cold is the Beckhams discarded purpose who is need been throw away
, even wearing a dress should be cold in the end. T-shirt shirt is the easiest general section, with the following black pleated skirt, shirt buttons intentionally or unintentionally will be open to the chese, the Beckhams show her sexy in everywhere.

Kate: ol’s wear is definitely Kate’s forte who is accompanied by Prince William attend the leading national summit or the Summit of the Jockey Club, such a skirt Guarantee certainly shore scenes. Kate’s this skirt breasted coat is chic buckle design, and the following is a skirt package hip skirts have slits, so that the overall mix Kate looks elegant and capable.

pk Style: Nude Dress

Victoria and kate's nude dress
Victoria: The Beckhams skin is partial, but it is not affect her to wear light-colored dress. Orange in her body does not seem bloated, but Chende her radiant.

Kate: As a sophisticated British fashion circles, Kate’s favorite is coupled with a hat in the dress. Hat is classic single product attend the noble occasion, Recalled the Kate’s previous dress, hat is absolutely lovey by her heart. A blue dress match with the the same color hat, so the Kate is looks both stylish and elegant.

pk style: long evening dress

Victoria and kate's long elegant evening dress in red carpet
Victoria: What is the most needed is walking in the red carpet? In addition to the gas field, it is greater need for dress sense. This is a piece of cake in the Beckhams opinion, a white strapless long evening dress.

Kate: The barelegged blue evening dress will expose the Kate’s white thighs, with the stiletto sandals are also very goog, the overall look is one word: cool!

This time, the Victoria and Kate Princess pk game is came out even, it is important that they are the figure as a sophisticated British fashion circle.

The evening dresses with bow for stars in the red carpet

Katy Perry's pink evening dress with bow

Katy Perry pink satin dress with a black collar-style bow, black belt tied around his waist, it is also highlight the beautiful and romantic lady temperament, the yellow short hair is flowing by wind, it is indispensable to draw a beautiful makeup.

Fergie evening dress with bowFergie has a large black bow in the black and white stitching dress, the strapless evening dress make the cleavage more obvious, the sexy women show business line which is also uses bow to play pure, sexy and pure combination of clothing is charming.

michelle williams sequined evening dress with a black bow

Michelle Williams milky white sleeveless shirt with a shiny cake skirt is very sweet, the black bow decoration on the waist is more romantic, the overall shape of the three colors which is black, white and grey, the low-key luxury evening dress is highlight the temperament.

Amaanda Seyfrieds evening dress with bow

Amanda Seyfried bright orange suspenders evening dress color is so bright, the bow on the waist can hide the fat, it is definitely a smart move to us camouflage.

Miley Cyrus evening dress with bow

Miley Cyrus’s white and purple evening dress back with a decorative bow tail, the pure color with lively style is a evening dress which is loved by young girls.

The deep v evening dresses for stars in the red carpet

Unbearably hot summer, A girl’s skirt is more and more shorter, the collar is open ever deeper, sexy V-neck can not wait to open to the navel! Detonated Midsummer Night Carnival, thanks Scissorhands deep V, in this summer, the stars are not far behind, it began to show off their charm in the major show which temptation to everyone’s eyes.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's deep v blue evening dressTransformers girl is wearing a V-neck who is coming to us with a model, navy blue deep V dress is eye-catching, the backless design is make people agonistic.  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s body is so good, the satin material is make the women more gentle and noble.
Lady Gaga's dark blue deep v evening dress

Lady Gaga dressed in super sexy deep V dress debut, flirtatious lips plus artificial mole is making Gaga looks very stunning, with deep V dress is too “deep”, actually to the navel, large vacuum drying bimodal, high open forks are really high enough, lady Gaga entire right leg almost completely exposed.
Queen B's lace deep v evening dress

Cute Queen B is also join the wave of deep-V. She is full of personality that she chose into the deep V-neck pants. Crepe lace is feminine, small dew crisp shoulders
is elegant and cute.

Karen's nude deep v evening dress

Karen is also select a deep v neck evening dress when she attended the ceremony. Nude color elements and shiny fabrics is look noble and elegant. Luxury diamond necklace is protruding neck lines, but also it make the “business line” bright.

Top 4 beautiful white evening dresses

Simple white dress is basically suitable for any occasion to attend the party, it is of course to prepare one. Carefully cutting, unique design, especially the pink ribbons in the waist, pink color make the Mature look fresh and moving portrait.
white formal dress with red beltDress is fluttering and charming. The white dress is using strapless design, classic but unconventional, but also it is show off a beautiful breast shape rounded. Dimensional cut is right to close the waist, waistline is like a grip. Fluttering skirt, ribbon-like flying, it is just like the fairy under mortal.
white strapless mermaid long dressThe mermaid white evening dress is elegant which is perfectly accentuates curves. The stransparent perspective design is sexy. With the fish head shoes is harmony to be added, so the gown will be very suction to attend the dinner.
beading straps white chiffon long formal dressElegant style white evening dress is very fit for lady type of girls, spaghetti straps design is better to show the sexy collarbone and graceful neck, waist ribbon around the waist with a circle, it is gently drawn who is full of ladylike demeanor.
white chiffon a-line dress

Photo credits white evening dresses

The pastel color semi-formal dresses for wedding guests

You fall for pretty dresses? With comfortable to wear, cutting fashionable and unique fabrics, feminine colors and delicious, it’s worth considering formal dresses for wedding pastel color in

So do not afraid of doing too little girl! Whether you are a beginner in pastel color, or a long time fan, pastel color has something to make your stylish outfit in the wedding day. Today I present the colors light purple, sky blue formal dresses for you to attend the wedding party.

Light purple formal dresses

cheap light purple short formal dress

Chiffon style purple formal dresses is very nice. Styles range from asymmetric style bustier with the strap style. As a mysterious color, light purple brings the extraordinary charm. It’s easy to find a nice dress for you. Then you have more time accessories, such as shoes for a wedding and beauty care.

Blue semi-formal dresses

sky blue semi-formal dresses
It is an elegant and festive look during a wedding ceremony, do not forget that the blue sky dress. A formal dress blue sky dress is matched with the white wedding dress. This will be a beautiful view of marriage. And opt for short dresses, the length is perfect for an evening wedding.

So after admiring the dresses above, you certainly want to be a beginner in pastel. Contact Customer Service Dressesmallau for your made to measure dress.