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Kate Blanchett’s that stunning formal dresses on the red carpet

In Oscar’s guide on the golden globes, Kate Blanchett won the best actress award. Let us excited, not only for her performance in the film, but also she is wearing Armani black lace formal dress amazing moments of stages. Given her, of course, after the red carpet of countless high-lever performance, golden globe became a matter of course.

Kate Blanchett is praised as “the tide of a millennium Icon”, her fashion show “perfect”. On the basis of maintain a high level, she was a “fashion adventurers”, willing to try all kinds of style of the modelling. We can’t wait for the Oscar for her red carpet and dumped.

Take a look at Kate’s some of the classic style over the years:

Galliano halter formal dress decorated with flowers

In 1998, Oscar, Galliano halter formal dress decorated with flowers

Jean Paul Gaultier black halter dress decorated gold
In 2000, Oscar, Jean Paul Gaultier black halter dress decorated gold

pregnant Kate's Donna Karan sexy dragging red formal dress
In 2004, the Golden Globes, pregnant Kate’s Donna Karan sexy dragging red formal dress 

Valentino yellow one shoulder irregular formal dress

Photo credit: Valentino irregular one shoulder yellow formal dress

In 2005, Oscar, for the first time to received the queen for the film, Valentino irregular one shoulder yellow formal dress

Versace metallic strapless short formal dress

In 2006, a premiere, Versace metallic strapless short formal dress

In 2007, the New York Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala, Balenciaga metallic sequined dress

In 2007, the New York Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala, Balenciaga metallic sequined dress

lilac lace long formal dress

In 2011, Oscar, Givenchy lilac lace mirror design pleated skirt

black and white hit color formal dress

2012, Juan Carlos Obando half black and white hit color geometric mosaic perspective dress

Givenchy black halter strapless dress

2013, a premiere, Givenchy halter strapless black evening dress

Amal Clooney’s fashion beautiful dress on the red carpet

Amal Clooney is naturaly a a wise woman. As a British professional human rights lawyer, in
addition to the cause of amazing, fashion sense can be said that profound skill. But since
she was married to one of the world’s most famous movie star George Clooney, red carpet appearance is clearly part of her life. Whether Met Gala or Golden Globes, it will see her shadow. Every time at her with great attitude to show himself, around forever, of course, there is always the most handsome man in the world – George clooney.

Amal Clooney's red cake skirt evening dressThis is Amal Clooney who is wearing cake red evening dress on the Met Gala red carpet.

Amal Clooney's short pink skirt evening derssLast weekend, Clooney’s movie “Tomorrow’s World” premiere red carpet appearance, Amal is
wearing Alexander McQueen black and bubble gum pink skirt to attend, her niece Mia Alamuddin also has field support.

Amal Clooney's white mini lace formal dress
Amal is wearing Giambattista Valli advanced customization white mini skirts.

Amal Clooney's long black evening dress

Dolce & Gabbana black evening dress

Dill can be imperial, sporty, minimalist style, business style, gorgeous, there
are color values ​​have wisdom, everything can hold live with Amal goddess, she became a non- marriage advocates Terminator Clooney, it always has her reasons. Like civilian Princess Kate is unremitting efforts finally let us accept her recognized her, with the right outfit is crucial.

Blake Lively’s evening dresses to show her figure on the red carpet

After Blake Lively upgrade to the mother, with a new film “end time lover” to come to the people eyes. Her charming is not diminished after given birth to, her figure is also still hot.

Blake Lively's colored printing dress

She wore color printing dress with Stuart Weitzman high heels on foot, the overall tone is bright and vivid colors, like a colorful painting.

Monique Lhuillier 2012 Winter Series red evening dress

April 19, 2015, in the movie “Lovers of time at the end of the” New York premiere, Blake was wearing a Monique Lhuillier 2012 Winter Series red evening dress, she is full of queen style. Layered skirt is full of luxury atmosphere, goldfish shape Judith Leiber ‘Koi Fish’ handbag is also very grab the eyes.

Blake Lively's Roksanda llincic skirt

April 12, 2015, Blake Lively was wearing Roksanda llincic half skirt to attend the “end time lover” news conference. Black sleeveless shirt with empire printing skirt, elegant and generous.

Black Lively's long black evening dress

Photo credit: Black Lively’s long black evening dress

April 19, 2015, Black Lively at the end of time in the film after the premiere party in a sexy dress sets of ambition. Long black evening dress bottom tulle skirt is almost transparent, good figure desire hidden desire now

The big stars on the 87th Oscar nominations

The 87th Oscar nominations luncheon held in California, a famous actress Emma stone, julianne Moore, Marion cotillard and “small freckles” Eddie red mayne full-dress attended the luncheon.Julianne Moore's knee length red wedding with short sleeves

Julianne Moore’s rosy red dress is particularly eye-catching, simple suit with a pair of black high-heeled shoes, sophisticated yet elegant, she is full of godness atmosphere.

Emma Stone's tripe dot dress
Emma Stone’s striped shirt coupled with dot dress exhibition, she is full of literature feelings, yet it is full of small woman’s playful sense.

Marion Cotillard's dark blue dress
Marion Cotillard is wearing a blue floral dresses, with teardrop shape green diamond on the chest, sweet and lovable.

Reese Witherspoon's white short dress with black belt
Reese Witherspoon’s white evening dress with simple elegant “Black Belt” which is to show the women’s elegant beauty.

Eddie Redmayne's dark blue suit
“Small freckles” – Eddie Redmayne’s slim dark blue suit, it is really handsome, clean, lovable man.

Oprah Winfrey's purple long dress
Oprah Winfrey this purple dress add more brightness for her skin, very eye-catching.

Rosamund Pike's white ball gown short evening dress
Rosamund Pike white ball gown dress is very lovely.

Felicity Jones green sequins short dress

Felicity Jones the whole green with blue sequins sleeves, very capable.

Sciences Dawn Hudson's dark green long evening dressSolid color long evening dress is the best singhle itme to show women’s elegance beauty, Sciences Dawn Hudson’s this dark green long dress is extremely elegant.

Cathleen Sutherland's blue dress

Bright dazzling blue short-sleeved dress is very eye-catching, Cathleen Sutherland this style is looks ten years younger.

Patricia Arquette's white dress with short sleeves

Patricia Arquette’s white style is very brisk, with black and white gradient handbag, so charming.

America Ferrera's wine red knee length evening dress

America Ferrera’s scarlet dress looks matured a lot, then with these dazzling accessories would be even more dynamic.

Princess Kate’s dresses fashion style

Preference shades – navy blue / beige

Quiet navy blue and soft beige color are Kate’s preference, dignified and soft texture is also communicated by this color. In addition, fresh pastel color and high saturation vivid color are also often catches our eyes. However, no matter what the color choices she made, it will not give us the impression of warm publicity, or that it is not overly prominent personality, as her who is a new member of the royal family, so that we may see more of a people “Princess” image in mind, rather than Kate Middleton herself.

Princess Kate's navy blue dress style Princess Kate's beige dress

Garment Features – Lace details

So where is the personality? Naturally it is still have find in the details. Whether the whole body use or decorative use, lace is often captured clothing details by Princess Kate, the sexy is appeal in feminine, perhaps it is her subtext. In addition, Every now and then choose the printing clothing swap, but also it allows us to see some personal expression of Kate Middleton, such as dots, leopard, these pattern will not appear in royal dresses in the General, she is also try on it.

Princess Kate's evening dress with lace details

 Princess Kate’s lace evening dresses

Decorative details – exquisite hat

Hat is not only decorative, but also it is essential element in many Western important social occasions etiquette,it is also the symbol of status, in British royal family and high society, this “hat” tradition is particularly ingrained. And no doubt, this element has become amazing women’s fashion weapon to fighting, Kate is naturally less of hat tricks and ultimately hat show, if it is not the occasion demands, she sometimes with a exquisite simplicity hat to decorate.

Princess Kate's fashion hats