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Solid Color or a Print of Dresses

printing Beaded One Shoulder A-line Tencel Evening DressEach and ever detail is essential when it comes to buying a dress. At the same time, some details are more important than other. The reality is that the color is the first thing that people see in your attire. If you ask someone to describe your outfit, they will start with this characteristic first. The main choice that you have to make here is whether to go for a solid color or for a colorful print.

It is a common mistake to think that a dress in a solid color is more formal or dull. It all depends on the color that you pick. There are classics such as black, white, cream, and red and blue that can be considered classics. However, bright and pastel colors like?turquoise, pistachio, pink, orange and fuchsia will certainly make any garment a lot less conventional. Quite the opposite, these?solid colors are quite bold.

Just think of the way you will look in the respective color. It should match the occasion and the venue. It should go nicely with your skin tone. It should correspond to your mood as well. In general, a solid color dress will give you a uniform look. The garment itself will be the focal point. That is why it must be very well designed and tailored with each accent being perfect.

The colorful prints are usually less formal but this is not always the case. Currently, the trend of setting a complex colorful print on a white or black garment serving as a canvas is a major one. The effect is stunning and totally gorgeous. Still, most prints make the garments more cheerful and somewhat less formal.


The important thing to remember is that the colorful patterns do not make you appear bigger and do not add weight to your figure. They are beautiful and feminine. You just have to pick the most suitable one for your style and for the occasion.

Choose the perfect dress in a solid color or in a colorful print depending on your personal taste. You can find your next summer dress on, they update their site weekly with new amazing dresses!

A never ending honey moon

honey moonA pair of American couple has been to seventeen counties so far. The wife will put on the same wedding dress in different places and to take photos as a souvenir.

Geoff Salvador and Jennifer Salva Heat who are both from US had their wedding held in 2008, after which they started a honey moon travel all around the world that had never stopped. Bride Jenifer would ask for a photo in the same wedding dress she wore at the wedding. It was estimated that the wedding dress had walked a distance for more than 2000 thousand kilometers along with Geoff Salvador and Jennifer Salva Heat.

Mr. and Mrs. Salva Ge came from Medford, New Jersey and held their wedding near a volcanic vent on the Easter Island of Chile on 19th, March, 2008. At that time, Geoff, who was a photographer himself, took three wedding photos for Jennifer, who was in a wedding dress, at different spots and times. It was exactly these photos that an idea of having a honey moon all around the world and taking pictures in different places occurred to them.

honey moon under Eiffel TowerApart from America, they had been to China, France, New Zealand, Vatican, Egypt, Peru, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Jamaica up to now, crossing a distance of more than 2170 thousand kilometers.

Geoff would record Jennifer’s beautiful image that was in wedding dress with his camera. Jennifer had put on the same wedding dress for more than 100 times in all, leaving about 136 wedding dress photos among all of which Jennifer was in the same white low-cut and full-length wedding dress. According to the report of Daily Post, Jennifer took its simple style and tough material into main consideration at the beginning of selecting the wedding dress. Because she had to tuck the wedding dress into a backpack and flied tens of thousands of kilometers away to the Easter Island, after which she had to drive a car and climbed up to the volcanic vents around. It had proved that the wedding dresses was still in its original shape after different climate and places.

You might ask how they get the money to pay for the honey moon expenses. Both of them have full time jobs and they will budget carefully for the trip in some ingenious ways. honey moon in EgaptFirstly, they seldom pay for plane ticket or accommodation at a higher price and go out with friend as much as possible instead. They released their travel experience as a picture-book, a wedding dress, a woman, a world, with excellent pictures and texts. All the income of the book is used on travel.

Geoff Salvador and Jennifer Salva Heat set up a website, also called a wedding dress, a woman, a world for the project, aiming at sharing beautiful scenery all around the world. There are some words on the website:” Jennifer, carrying her wedding dress, went for a trip aiming to exploring the world together with Geoff. This is why the honey moon that never stops begins.”

East European traditional custom of Weddings

In today’s countries of east European, most of the brides wear white wedding dresses on their big days. Besides it, there are also many traditional wedding customs in east European and let us to get an acquaintance.

Remove the veil:

On the basis of tradition Latvia wedding, the bride cannot change her marriage outfit until midnight when she will leave her mother and become a married woman. Before her leaving, she should remove her veil and give it to an unmarried girl.

Once she removes her veil, it means her bride’s role ended. Later, she will wear a kerchief or hat made by her relative, which means she is not a bride any more but become someone’s wife. Some brides wear garland of veil and flowers on her head.

 East European traditional wedding custom-1

Torn the dress:

In many European countries, the bride is deemed as symbol of lucky. In the ancient times, the guests who attend the party really tear a piece of dress from the bride in order to get a little luck. Today the custom that people tear the bride’s flower is evolved from that.

Lucky shoes:

The other custom that takes away goods from the bride’s body can be traced back to long time ago. At that time, the brides are hijacked or purchased by their grooms symbolically. For instance, on the Croatia’s wedding, the guests would try to steal the bride’s shoes. Then the groomsman has to pay money for the shoes and give back to the brides.

There is a custom on Serbs’ wedding: the bride’s mother-in-law should send a necklace made by gold coins to the bride. Now this present has been replaced by stocking and a pair of corpulent shoes. May be this kind of present is used for reminding the bride: from that big day on, she will have to become a busy wife.

 East European traditional wedding custom-2

Magnificent pileum:

There is a ceremony of wearing pileum on the traditional wedding of Romania, Turkey, Georgia and Armenian. On the Romania’s wedding, the minister usually puts corolla made by gold and mysterious tree on the bride and groom’s heads. In addition, he would interchange their pileums three times as symbolizing their combination. In Georgia, the new couple should wear veil and a garland. According to the Armenian’s tradition, the bride and groom should wear the pileum for a week after wedding.

Goods put on the head:

When referred goods put on the new couple’s head, it is exactly a cake. In Russia’s three wedding days, the bride can wear all kinds of goods on her head, such as veil, pileum, satin, fragment and so on. On the wedding eve party, people would stirring barley and oats together and put them on the bride and groom’s head. On the wedding day, the minister holds up the new couple’s heads and the statue of their patron saint and then put the garland made with rue and vermouth on their heads. After that, he sprinkles hops on the bride’s head as a symbol of improving her fertility. So the wedding is over.

Hollywood Female Stars and Their Fashion Designers

Fashion designers always have a close relation with red carpet evening dress of Hollywood female stars. LV, Chanel and Givenchy are often guests of red carpet. Designers will not have such a high profile without star’s evening dress show on red carpet.

Fashion designer Giambattista Valli and Doutzen Kroes

Italian young fashion designer Giambattista Valli started his career inParis. Giambattista Valli is good at designing women clothes that are graceful and sexy. Her works are not only popular amongHollywoodcelebrities but also younger generation of American upper society and female CEO of Multi-National Corporation.Americais the biggest market of Valli clothing. Giambattista Valli’s appearance on the red carpet of this metropolis is a big surprise. Doutzen Kroes, aHollandmodel that settles inAmerica, steps on the red carpet along with Valli. The popular model of Victoria Secret wore a Valli red evening dress, which is sexy but elegant.

Designer Michael Kors and Dianna Agron

Michael Kors is a typical American fashion master. For twenty years, he sticks to noble material and lively style and wins the general popularity from upper class toHollywoodand career women with a simple spirit. His goddess is Dianna Agron, an actress of American TV series drama Glee who earned plaudits and market share as well in recent years. She is not only young and pretties but also a talented woman that being as singer, director, screenwriter and producer. Just like the Michael Kors red evening dress she had on the red carpet, she was clean and healthy as well.

Riccardo Tisci and Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is a second generation star of the American showbiz and a film star himself. Riccardo Tisci is on the spot of Givenchy, Paris Legend Fashion Company with his strength. Facing with Givenchy’s history that had costumers like Jacqueline – the Kennedy sisters and Audrey Hepburn, you can image Tisci’s pressure. His designs are regarded as black and delicate. But the evening dress he made for Tylerwas white, which made the speak woman of Givenchy L’Intense perfume look more pure and noble. And the contrast of Tisci’s black and his goddess’ white is sharp and creates a visual effect.

Stefano Pilati and Florence Welch

If Givenchy was cool for its black and white, Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion legend, display the power of white. Succeed designer Stefano Pilati of YSL and his goddess Florence Welch both turned up in white. Pilati is a modest, self-disciplined gentleman. His design is full of a sense of art and feminine. Facing Yves Saint Laurent, he handed over a beautiful answer. Welch is a London singer and sings for the guest along with her band Florenceand the Machine. Before the performance, her white evening dress catches the attention of a large amount of people. The thick and solid dress and the white fur coat which is noble and simple, making us think of the star’s dressing style on and off screen in the golden times of Hollywood.

The Most Fashionable First lady

French president Sarkozy failed to be re-elected, forcing to the French First Lady Carla Bruni’s who left a deep impress on us with her beauty and well-shaped figure leaving the presidential palace along with her husband. During president Sarkozy’s administration, Carla Bruni took part in a lot of a diplomatic campaign together with her husband. The elegant dressing and pleasant smile contributed to her becoming focus of media everywhere.

As the youngest child, Bruni was born in a rich family of Turin, an industrial hot spot of northern Italy on 13th, December, 1968. Her family moved to France in 1973. She then started to learn some cultural course as well as all kinds of social etiquette in a finishing school of Switzerland. She went back to Paris after graduation and continued to study art and architecture.

Bruni had a long figure and could speak fluent English. She quit school and got into modeling. Then she was soon favored by international fashion brand. She reached the peak of her career in the 1990s and was world’s top model list with annual income of 7.5 million dollars.

As she got older, Bruni decided to walk under the T platform and started her new business. She entered the popular music in 1999 and released her first album someone said to me which sold 2 million at home and abroad at the end of 2002.

In her career of being a model and artist, she tried different kinds of strange clothes. But when she became the First Lady, she managed to dress herself up as elegant as possible. When she paid a visit toEnglandas French First Lady, she displayed her decent style as a prime’s wife on each occasion. Especially the wine red evening dress which liked fashion armor conquered all the people. Her unique and decent dressing in the diplomatic trip had fully shown her charming temperament.

In 2010 when Bruni, in a Dior purple mercerized cotton formal dress, turned up in the opening ceremony of Shanghai World Expo, she caught the attention of all with her elegant temperament. Bruni was also wearing a Dior Scotland flower black dress when she walked out of the cabin with her husband, which was also charming.

The sexy First Lady has also clash with other sometime. In 2008 when president Obama and his wife Michelle Obama arrived atCaencity,Normandy, Sarkozy and Bruni came to greet them. The French and American First Lady became focus of all the media when they showed up at the same time. The amazing part was both Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni were in white dress and wore belt in the waist. Many fashion experts that made comment on their white dress said Bruni was more charming in white dress than Michelle Obama.

Apart from her charming look, Bruni was also good at adding score for her with one and the other bags. As was known to all, the French First Lady loved all kinds of bags. She was caught by the media showing up at the street ofNew Yorkcarrying a Dior 3D bag.