Princess Kate’s dresses fashion style

Preference shades – navy blue / beige

Quiet navy blue and soft beige color are Kate’s preference, dignified and soft texture is also communicated by this color. In addition, fresh pastel color and high saturation vivid color are also often catches our eyes. However, no matter what the color choices she made, it will not give us the impression of warm publicity, or that it is not overly prominent personality, as her who is a new member of the royal family, so that we may see more of a people “Princess” image in mind, rather than Kate Middleton herself.

Princess Kate's navy blue dress style Princess Kate's beige dress

Garment Features – Lace details

So where is the personality? Naturally it is still have find in the details. Whether the whole body use or decorative use, lace is often captured clothing details by Princess Kate, the sexy is appeal in feminine, perhaps it is her subtext. In addition, Every now and then choose the printing clothing swap, but also it allows us to see some personal expression of Kate Middleton, such as dots, leopard, these pattern will not appear in royal dresses in the General, she is also try on it.

Princess Kate's evening dress with lace details

┬áPrincess Kate’s lace evening dresses

Decorative details – exquisite hat

Hat is not only decorative, but also it is essential element in many Western important social occasions etiquette,it is also the symbol of status, in British royal family and high society, this “hat” tradition is particularly ingrained. And no doubt, this element has become amazing women’s fashion weapon to fighting, Kate is naturally less of hat tricks and ultimately hat show, if it is not the occasion demands, she sometimes with a exquisite simplicity hat to decorate.

Princess Kate's fashion hats

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