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Robot groomsman and bridesmaid

You might never image that robot can also acting as groomsman and bridesmaid in the wedding. This is really happening in England. Groom Tom and Bride Celina are holding their wedding in the church. The robot groomsman and bridesmaid dance when joyful music starts to play, turning, waving and twisting. Groom Tom says it is a creative idea to use robot as groomsman and bridesmaid. He will give the robots to his wife as a present and hope she can reserve them for a life time.

The new couple’s wedding begins formally at eleven fifty eight. When the friends and relatives are looking for the groomsman and bridesmaid around, the host tells them the groomsman and bridesmaid are the two robots on the table. The pair of robots are very delicate, with both of their height of 40centimeters and weight 1.25 kilograms. When the newly couple press the switch on the body of robots at the same time, the two robots whose distance is less than one meter walk towards the front, then get together and wave their right hands to the friends and relatives.

According to the newly couple, the robots are invited from a robot research and development company. One of the company’s engineers says both of them are made of aluminum alloy skeleton. The silvery one is bridesmaid whose body color is similar to the bride’s wedding dress. It may also be the first bridesmaid that not wearing the bridesmaid dresses.

At noon when the wedding ceremony comes to an end, the two robots beguiled the friends and relatives with performance. They dance accompanied with the music. With the change of rhythm, their arms extend to two sides or above his head. What’s more, their hands and feet are very flexible. The can not only move their body front or behind but also bent their knees.

At this moment, all the friends and relative move their attention out of the groom and bride and watch the groomsman and bridesmaid’s performance carefully. In the process of the dancing performance, their arms bump and slum to the ground, leading to a laugh on the wedding scene.

Some shot in a closer distance with their cell phone; some record the whole process of the dancing performance. To meet the friends and relatives’ request, the two robots perform the dance for three times continuously. One of the bride’s friends says the robots are like dancing popping, which has the style of Michael Jackson.

Speaking of his creative idea to use robot as groomsman and bridesmaid, groom Tom is very proud. The new couple is working in London. Tom is engaged in the dissemination of the culture which has a close relationship with creation. It takes him a lot of time to plan his wedding. He begins to design his wedding in August. Influenced by film Transformers, he contacts a robot research and development company. It takes three months the make the groomsman and bridesmaid. He just wants to give my lover an unforgettable wedding.

Wonderful movies present us with eye-opening visual feast of the formal dresses

With the rapid development of movie industry, apart from presenting audiences with splendid and compelling drama, movie is a wonderful fashion show itself, such as “My fair lady”, “pretty woman” and “The tourist”, every time when those beautiful female stars wears gorgeous and stunning formal dresses, appearing in front of the cameras, they can always leave us with breath-taking beauty and imitative dressing wave is on the rise among girls all over the world, let us follow those beauties and enjoy a splendid fashion shows now!

Audrey Hepburn black evening dressThe classic movie “My Fair Lady” in which Audrey Hepburn star and help her to win that year’s Academy Award, in this movie, Audrey Hepburn played the role of a poor girl who made a living by selling flowers, but fate made a joke with her, and she was trained by a knowledgeable gentleman and gradually became a gorgeous and decent lady, apart from this tug at the heartstrings plots, and the formal dresses Hepburn wore in this movie leave us with gorgeous and graceful impressive impression, for example, like the floor length black-and-white stripes formal dress Hepburn wore for the promotion poster, simple but decent black and white stripes nicely dotted the dress, and convey Hepburn’s lovely and elegant temperament, and the big exaggerated bowknot at the left of the shoulder makes her look so beautiful, in this movie, beautiful Audrey Hepburn also wore a large broad brim hat, which is very, very popular in those year, and the skintight design also perfectly outline her amazing curve. Julia Roberts is also a born beauty and she stared in “Pretty Lady”, a wonderful story about how an ordinary girl gets her love life, and the red strapless dress she wore in this movie, the exquisite tailing perfectly match Julia Roberts’s amazing curve, along with the luxuriant drapes, Julia is such a lovely beauty.
Angelina Jolie formal evening dressesSince we are talking about the classic movies and of course the classic evening dresses and it cannot do without our sexy and elegant beauty, Angelina Jolie, she has star in many famous movies, such as “Tomb Raider”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, and “The Tourist”, in movie “The Tourist”, Jolie cooperated with the coolest, the sexiest male star Johnny Depp, the white and black formal dresses are from the famous fashion designer Colleen Atwood, who designed these two dresses especially for AJ, creamy white A-line knee length formal dress along with a nude short cloak and a pair of long gloves and long handbag, all of these enhance her elegance perfectly, the most classic design of this prom dress is the orange silk scarves coming around her slim waist, which convey her good taste of fashion, as for the black formal dress she wore for that dangerous evening party, greatly flatter Angelina Jolie’s graceful temperament and stunning figure, black is always Jolie’s favorite color, obviously, this black dress did not let her down, graceful drapes at the breast portion nicely enhance her fair skin and a pair of long black gloves also bright spots.
evening dresses
Wonderful movies are fashion shows itself, they not only present us with fascinating scenario, but also present us with eye-opening visual feast.

As the prom is coming

At high school, the recent hot top for girls and boy is the prom. As the date of the prom is coming, they are already to prepare for this big party. They are so exciting to search for prom dresses or tuxedos, and start save money for the expense of tickets and the transportation that are needed for the amazing prom. At the same time, they are also beginning to search for the pal for the dance and other activities at the prom.

Every girl and boy anxiously waits for that day to come as early as the school day begins. Girls hope that they can go to the prom with handsome guys as their pals. Girls are dreamed of that moment that the guy stands in front of her with the beautiful flower and chocolate in his hand. If there is a serenading for her, that will be more romantic.  In fact, girls would always be happy if some guy asks them to the prom. Whether she is the princess of most boys or a tomboy in the eyes of other people, she wants to be asked.

For the boys, they have the difficult part for the prom. That actually is to ask the girl to with them. Whether the girl wants to go with me? That is the biggest question for some boys. There are fulfilled thoughts of rejection of the girls in their minds. The fear of embarrassment makes them hard to speak out one word. Before the action, they have to take a deep breath to swallow all their fear and worry. They get up the courage to ask the girls they are enamored of. Maybe, boys are dread about that day actually. Of course, most girls will accept the invitation and they will have a wonderful experience at the prom, because that is the event they are dreamed of for so long time.

But we know that at the end, not all the girls and boys can go with a pal of the opposite sex. Yet they will also go through the same process as others do. They go shopping for the outfits and prepare the transportation.

long prom evening dresses
Long prom dresses in Chiffon

It is more fortunate for girls. Girls will call other girls who also have no escort and search for the beautiful prom dresses on the town that they are fancy about. Their passion about prom will not be affected though they are not in those couples. However, boys may not feel so joyful, if they have no pal to prepare the prom together. They search for the outfits. Their process could not be exciting as the tuxedos are not as stunning as girls’ dresses. They pick up a tuxedo in black or white and finish their task.

In the high school society, a prom can also exert pressure on the girls and boys. Although, they have been exhausting waiting for that day to come, the prom can also be a daunting thing, especially for boys.

Choose a Suitable Formal Dress According to Body Shape

Are you going to attend a cocktail party, a wedding, a prom or other occasions that require you to dress formal gown? Are you looking for a suitable formal dress? Every girl should know what kind of formal dresses is the best for her. One day you will get a chance to such a formal occasion, so now you should make sure you know how to choose a right dress that makes you look beautiful and feel confident. That is the goal we want to help you achieve.
Every girl has her advantages and shortcomings. A suitable formal dress is the one that can magnify the strong points and conceal the weak points. Do you know your advantages and shortcomings? You should know your body type and we provide dress tips for each body shape.

The following are the most common female body types
1. Pear, Spoon, or Bell (triangle upward)
Pear-shaped girl’s hip measurements are greater than their bust measurements. The advantage of this type of body is a proportionately nice waist, which should be the best asset to show off. This kind of girl usually distributes the fat in the lower part of the body below the waist.

pear-shaped_bodiesTips to choose a formal dress:
The key to dressing a pear body shape is to emphasize the slender waist and hide the hip shape, so the top of the dress should be fitted and the part below waist should be loose. For example, a gown dress with big skirt or multi-large skirt can perfectly hide the hip and meanwhile highlight waist. Besides, choosing a backless formal dress is also a good way to distract others’ attention.

2. Apple (triangle downward)
Apple-shaped girls have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips. This kind of girls has a beautifully defined waist and bust that is larger than the hip, which makes the upper body proportionate in length to the shapely legs.

apple body shapeTips to choose a formal dress:
Apple-shaped girls should choose high waist dresses. The design can hide the waist and make the legs longer. If an apple-shaped girl has slender legs, it is highly recommend her to wear short formal dress. The slender legs will get all attention.

3. Banana, or straight (rectangular)
This kind of body shape is the most common in America. Banana-shaped girls’ hips and bust are balanced while the waist is not very obvious. This kind of girls gains weight in main body first and then upper thighs and arms, so lower legs may be the best assets to show off.

banana shapeTips to choose a formal dress
Banana-shaped girls should find a dress that can put more weight on the top and bottom of the body and meanwhile make the waist more defined. Gowns with pleated cloth near the bust or a bow right above the bust can make the bust larger in appearance. Once proper volume is added to the upper and lower body, the waist will become obvious. Adding a wide dark belt can also create charming curve.

Do you know more about choosing the perfect gown dress now? Go to find one now.