The big stars on the 87th Oscar nominations

The 87th Oscar nominations luncheon held in California, a famous actress Emma stone, julianne Moore, Marion cotillard and “small freckles” Eddie red mayne full-dress attended the luncheon.Julianne Moore's knee length red wedding with short sleeves

Julianne Moore’s rosy red dress is particularly eye-catching, simple suit with a pair of black high-heeled shoes, sophisticated yet elegant, she is full of godness atmosphere.

Emma Stone's tripe dot dress
Emma Stone’s striped shirt coupled with dot dress exhibition, she is full of literature feelings, yet it is full of small woman’s playful sense.

Marion Cotillard's dark blue dress
Marion Cotillard is wearing a blue floral dresses, with teardrop shape green diamond on the chest, sweet and lovable.

Reese Witherspoon's white short dress with black belt
Reese Witherspoon’s white evening dress with simple elegant “Black Belt” which is to show the women’s elegant beauty.

Eddie Redmayne's dark blue suit
“Small freckles” – Eddie Redmayne’s slim dark blue suit, it is really handsome, clean, lovable man.

Oprah Winfrey's purple long dress
Oprah Winfrey this purple dress add more brightness for her skin, very eye-catching.

Rosamund Pike's white ball gown short evening dress
Rosamund Pike white ball gown dress is very lovely.

Felicity Jones green sequins short dress

Felicity Jones the whole green with blue sequins sleeves, very capable.

Sciences Dawn Hudson's dark green long evening dressSolid color long evening dress is the best singhle itme to show women’s elegance beauty, Sciences Dawn Hudson’s this dark green long dress is extremely elegant.

Cathleen Sutherland's blue dress

Bright dazzling blue short-sleeved dress is very eye-catching, Cathleen Sutherland this style is looks ten years younger.

Patricia Arquette's white dress with short sleeves

Patricia Arquette’s white style is very brisk, with black and white gradient handbag, so charming.

America Ferrera's wine red knee length evening dress

America Ferrera’s scarlet dress looks matured a lot, then with these dazzling accessories would be even more dynamic.

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