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Top10 haute couture red carpet dresses for stars

As socialite Becca Cason Thrash said: “The high-set dress is the pinnacle of fashion”, when they were faced with the most grand ceremony, such as the Oscar, the stars are always use haute couture given to express their feelings, as well as a taste of fight press box magic. The red carpet is like a battlefield, when we wear high set appears, the price war is to fight the main event, those you look unusual dress, chances are the price of over ten million!

red carpet dresses anne hathaway 2011

Anne Hathaway’s red evening dress on the red carpet

TOP10. Anne Hathaway $ 80,000

2011 Oscar red carpet, Anne – Hathaway dressed Valentino top-faille dress which is high fixed price of $ 80,000, red dress make her skin like snow, it is worth mentioning that She wears this necklace Tiffany & Co. the same high price, then the price of $ 10 million.

Cate Blanchett's carpet dress in 2014 TOP9. Cate Blanchett $ 100,000

2014 Academy Awards, Cate Blanchett cost $ 18.1 million for her style! Although most of the money invested in the jewelry, worth $ 100,000 dress is still chasing, and it comes from Armani haute coutrue, the gittering decorations are all Swarovski crystals.

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsCherlize Theron’s sweep train white formal dress on the red carpet dress

TOP8. Cherlize Theron $ 100,000

Although this high set Dior dress style is simple, but precise tailoring to crystal encrusted Peplum (petal waist), are key position to show fashion, this skirt cust Theron $ 100,000, it is considered that atmosphere and elegant effect is still very value.

Jessica Biel's sequins red carpet dress in 2014 TOP7. Jessica Biel $ 100,000

Just like Theron, Jessica Biel is also taking low-key luxury route, this dress from Chanel haute couture design is simple, but sequins decoration to fit cut, it is set off woemn’s outstanding temperament, in the year she received numerous praise. The chanel produced is naturally expensive, priced at $ 100,000.

Kate Winslet's green red carpet dress TOP6. Kate Winslet $ 100,000

2007 Academy Awards, the most to steal the spotlight is Kate Winslet, she wore a Valentino high set in color another way, a rare mint green combination with goddess one shoulder formal dress, it is becoming the major fashion websites and magazines best dressed top1, with outstanding results are consistent with the high price, the price of $ 100,000.

Audrey Hepburn's oscar dress TOP5. Audrey Hepburn $ 131,292

Generation of fashion icon Audrey – Hepburn is also have high fixed tireless edge, this dress she wore in the 1954, although the price is not test, but in 2011 the auction house sold for $ 130,000 in high-priced , in addition to the blessing of the goddess, the Hollywood movie in the history of heavyweight “costume designer” Edith Head design is its highlights.

Elizabeth Taylor's blue red carpet dress TOP4. Elizabeth Taylor $ 167,500

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor her high-set skirt is also the same meat and potatoes, this 1970 Oscar red carpet she worn violet chiffon formal dress, it has become the most expensive dress in Oscar history, it is also by the Edith Head design in 1999, it was sold for $ 167,500 in high-priced auction.

Cate Blanchett's sequins red carpet dressCate Blanchett’s sequins one shoulder evening dresses on the red carpet

TOP3. Cate Blanchett $ 200,000

Kate – Blanchett Article selected from this list Armani dress the same high set, the difference is that this is full of finely crystal, the ultimate curve fitting dresses, the price is twice the previous one, reaching $ 200,000.

Nicole Kidman's dior red carpet dress

TOP2. Nicole Kidman $ 2 Million

Nicole – Kidman this Oscar Christian Dior dress is only one million US dollars into the ultra-luxury high-set dress, worth $ 2,000,000, this skirt with a gold and green this two tone , it is using intricate embroidery as decoration, draws could see Chinese cheongsam elements, Nicole convex figure and fair skin to show its head, and review all of the Oscar red carpet dresses appear, this is definitely the most One of the classic dress.

Jennifer Lawrence's dior red carpet dress TOP1. Jennifer Lawrence $ 4 Million

And than Nicole – Kidman skirt is also twice as expensive 2013 Oscar “big cousin” Jennifer Lawrence wore a piece dresses, it is also from Dior high-set, which is designed to skirt Puff fish caudate, although in appearance and does not reflect the absolute luxury, but genuine sold for $ 4,000,000 price, due to the large cousin is Dior spokesperson, this skirt is worn lent her, or so expensive to buy a dress, Tyrant We had to weigh it!

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Amal Clooney’s fashion beautiful dress on the red carpet

Amal Clooney is naturaly a a wise woman. As a British professional human rights lawyer, in
addition to the cause of amazing, fashion sense can be said that profound skill. But since
she was married to one of the world’s most famous movie star George Clooney, red carpet appearance is clearly part of her life. Whether Met Gala or Golden Globes, it will see her shadow. Every time at her with great attitude to show himself, around forever, of course, there is always the most handsome man in the world – George clooney.

Amal Clooney's red cake skirt evening dressThis is Amal Clooney who is wearing cake red evening dress on the Met Gala red carpet.

Amal Clooney's short pink skirt evening derssLast weekend, Clooney’s movie “Tomorrow’s World” premiere red carpet appearance, Amal is
wearing Alexander McQueen black and bubble gum pink skirt to attend, her niece Mia Alamuddin also has field support.

Amal Clooney's white mini lace formal dress
Amal is wearing Giambattista Valli advanced customization white mini skirts.

Amal Clooney's long black evening dress

Dolce & Gabbana black evening dress

Dill can be imperial, sporty, minimalist style, business style, gorgeous, there
are color values ​​have wisdom, everything can hold live with Amal goddess, she became a non- marriage advocates Terminator Clooney, it always has her reasons. Like civilian Princess Kate is unremitting efforts finally let us accept her recognized her, with the right outfit is crucial.

Blake Lively’s evening dresses to show her figure on the red carpet

After Blake Lively upgrade to the mother, with a new film “end time lover” to come to the people eyes. Her charming is not diminished after given birth to, her figure is also still hot.

Blake Lively's colored printing dress

She wore color printing dress with Stuart Weitzman high heels on foot, the overall tone is bright and vivid colors, like a colorful painting.

Monique Lhuillier 2012 Winter Series red evening dress

April 19, 2015, in the movie “Lovers of time at the end of the” New York premiere, Blake was wearing a Monique Lhuillier 2012 Winter Series red evening dress, she is full of queen style. Layered skirt is full of luxury atmosphere, goldfish shape Judith Leiber ‘Koi Fish’ handbag is also very grab the eyes.

Blake Lively's Roksanda llincic skirt

April 12, 2015, Blake Lively was wearing Roksanda llincic half skirt to attend the “end time lover” news conference. Black sleeveless shirt with empire printing skirt, elegant and generous.

Black Lively's long black evening dress

Photo credit: Black Lively’s long black evening dress

April 19, 2015, Black Lively at the end of time in the film after the premiere party in a sexy dress sets of ambition. Long black evening dress bottom tulle skirt is almost transparent, good figure desire hidden desire now