Know more style evening dresses for girl to attend the social party

With the opening up of society, more and more women are taking part many social activities. Ladies are dressed evening dress to the party, it is not only elegant and luxurious, but also it is showing the women’s charming.

blue lace evening dress with sleeves

Elegant blue lace evening dresses with sleeves

Evening dress fabric is very niceness, the choice of lighting reflective gold, silver, silk fabric, silk, cotton satin and chiffon and other innovative fabrics. In winter, you can choose the velvet and other fabrics. In summer, you can choose the light noble material fabric, real silk and other fabrics. Here are some typical evening dress:

1. One shoulder evening dresses: It is only just expose one shoulder, there is another strap to balance corsage. It is use the gorgeous silk fabric.

2. Expose chest evening dresses: No straps to reveal the beauty of the shoulder and upper chest, it is decorated with luxurious necklace on the check. Noble black velvet fabric production.

3. Strapless style evening dresses: Two cuff portion omitted to reveal the shoulder and arm of infinite charm. It can be decorate with ornate sequins, it is use the luxury satin material to produce.

4. Triangular backless style: This style is addition to strapless, it is more pay more attention to reveal curvy beauty. It can be printed silk or silk fabric production.

Evening dress is a formal dress to attend the social occasions (such as opera, concerts, dinner, etc.). After the social midnight, evening dress is considered more formal and appropriate dress.

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