Wedding customs of Germa

wedding culture in GermaThe German nation is a nation that works hard, being practical-minded rather than inflated and pompous, which can be reflected from their wedding customs.

The German’s way to choose his partner of life is special. In Bonn district, a boy that falls in love with a girl will put a silver birch at the front door of the girl’s house on 30th, April or 1st, May. If the girl has affection for him, she will accept the silver birch and put it in the living room. The boy will immediately send the girl a diamond ring when he gets it. And the girl will accept the ring and kiss the boy to show her appreciation.

A town named Stadt bekannt and located in the southwest of Berlin has the reputation of chess town as people living there love chess competition. A good chess player will earn high regard. Young man will apply themselves to chess to be a stronger player so that they can win the affection of girls. If a man wants to pay court to a woman, he will sent her a letter, saying that he hopes to compete with her father. If the woman has a thing for him, she will invite the man to her house at the appointed time. After a few rounds, the man wins. Then everyone congratulates him on the success of his courtship.

There is a luxury hotel on the Faure Island to receive single man and woman. It aims to provide opportunity for those who are too embarrassing to talk about marriage. The registers must meet the requirement of being honest, upright and unmarried. Time for them to stay in the hotel is no more than 40 days during which the staffs will offer chance for man and woman to contact with each other. The occupants can pay court to a stranger through special line in the room to avoid the scene that being rejected in face-to-face courtship. Many people tie the nuptial during the time living in the hotel.

Seeking partner film wins acclaim among Germany women. Some women have difficulty in dealing with marriage issues. So they spend money on shooting a personal film. Their strength and talent such as cooking, sewing, house, appearance and figure are showed on the screen under the arrangement of the director and the cameraman. Even an ordinary woman will turn into a lovely girl on the screen.

Like other European countries, young man and woman will take the nuptial in the church and have the wedding feast at home. The bridegroom will pay for the cost of the church wedding, including the wedding dress, wedding ring, wedding cake. The guest list is chiefly decided by the bride’s parents. But in many cases, they will discuss the list together.

In Germany, old wedding systems still subsists in some districts, such as the bowl breaking ceremony in the Bonn area. In an atmosphere of joy, the bridegroom and the bride, in white wedding dress, step into the wedding chamber where a voice of bowl breaking continues for a long time, which they think can ease the unhappiness.

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