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2013 Best Formal Dresses Under $200

2013 formal dresses trends? You must want to know it. Though thousands of formal gowns have turned up with various types, colors, fabrics and length. Ball gown, mermaid, princess, a-line or sheath silhouette? Yellow, red, blue, pink, gold, silver, black, white, green or purple color? Chiffon, satin, tulle or organza fabric? Mini, short, knee length, tea length or long floor length? Look at these amazing formal dresses, then you will have your fashion trends.

Elegant A-line One Shoulder Empire Beading Chiffon Train Formal DressElegant A-line One Shoulder Empire Beading Chiffon Train Formal Dress $ 205.88

A-line Sweetheart Strapless Cross Ruched Chiffon Long Formal DressA-line Sweetheart Strapless Cross Ruched Chiffon Long Formal Dress $ 200.52

Beaded Sweetheart Tulle Ball Gown Formal DressBeaded Sweetheart Tulle Ball Gown Formal Dress $ 156.24

2012 New Beaded Strapless A-line Organza Formal Dress012 New Beaded Strapless A-line Organza Formal Dress $ 134.90

Beige Beaded Princess Tulle Formal DressBeige Beaded Princess Tulle Formal Dress $ 165.99

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Dress To Kill

There is a saying that goes like this: “The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off”
I absolutely have to agree with this thought. It is the simplest truth. Is there a better feeling than the one when you enter a room wearing a perfect dress and feeling fabulous. Feeling that everyone is looking at you. And feeling great about it. I love that feeling.
You don’t have to wear the sexiest dress to be noticed. It really depends on how you wear it.
I have a closet full of colorful dresses. But my absolute favourite colors are red, black and during the summer – white.
So, I’ve chosen few dresses I found on and decided to share them with you.
Few of black and white cocktail dresses for perfect party, and few of black and white bridesmaid dresses for weddings.
 I already heard that every girl has a (little) black dress in her closet. And it’s the simplest and best choice you can make if you don’t have any other idea what to wear for an event. When I see a woman wearing perfect black dress, I see an elegant femme fatale.
 But when I see a woman wearing red dress… Now that’s completely different story.
Red is the warmest of all colors. It is the color most chosen by extroverts and one of the top picks of males. If you are wearing a red dress, you will surely be noticed, and then, you want to be noticed.
If I had bridesmaids at my wedding, they would surely be wearing red bridesmaids dresses. Then again, my made of honour was wearing one. And she was looking damn good in it.
 And then there are sophisticated, romantic, gentle white dresses. White color as a symbol of purity and serenity. Absolutely opposite from red. Unfortunately there are not so many events where you can wear a white dress, except at your own wedding. But you can always choose a simple white dress for long summer nights or maybe for a white theme party.
Whatever you choose, I’m sure you will look fabulous!!! But remember, when you dress, always dress to kill. 😉
With that thought, I’m off to bed…

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Top 6 Fashion Trends in Red Carpet

Female stars’ dress in red carpet has always been the most attractive part for all medias. They compete with each other, wearing beautiful sexy evening dress. But when it comes down to it, what kind of evening dress is the best choice? Now let’s tank the top 6.

TOP 1: Elie Saab
Elie Saab will undoubtedly become the most popular brand of evening dress among actress. It has always been known for its luxury, noble, elegant and charming evening dress. It wins with its flowery style and its fabric of silk satin, chiffon with unique pattern, silver tassel and fine embroidery.  In a word, it is easy to control. Many stars have repeatedly wore Elie Saab evening dress and elegantly appeared in red carpet of film festival activities.

TOP 2: Valentino
Valentino has an implicit beauty of mystery with exquisite clipping, advanced imported fabrics and luxurious style. It has close-fitting stitching line. Its length which is below the knee can stand out your figure and fully show the charming of woman.
There are many celebrities who choose Valentino evening dress on the red carpet. Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, Amanda Seyfried who has tall figure is completely goddess wearing a Valentino elegant sexy formal dress of embroidery hollow.

TOP 3: Chanel
Chanel fashion is always decorous, concise and elegant. And she is good at breaking out the tradition. Early in the 1940s, she had successfully changed women’s clothing from complex to simple and comfortable, which was perhaps the earliest contemporary sportswear. Astrid Berges, Kirsten Dunst, Karolina Kurkova and Uma Thurman are all fans of Chanel evening dress. The elegant and delicate white dress reveals subtle elegant temperament but not lack gentle and comfortable aura. Chanel seems to be the most comfortable dress.

TOP 4: Givenchy
Givenchy has been a leader in the fashion industry with elegant products style that is known for more than 30 years of. Givenchy’s 4G represents Genteel, Grace, joy, Gaiety and Givenchy respectively.
Its unique design and classic lasting appeal make it elegant and full of joy. Givenchy can not be handled by ordinary people. But if you choose one that suits you, you can definitely shine on the red carpet. Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara, Best Dressed and Amanda Seyfried charmed many in Givenchy evening dress of different style.

TOP 5: Christian Dior
Christian Dior persists in beautiful and elegant design with delicate and simple clipping. It adheres to elegant and high-quality in order to meet the taste of mature female of upper society. It pays attention to the model lines of female but not color and forms a distinct style, which make us fascinating.

TOP 6: Atelier Versace
Versace evening dress is unique in design and also a symbol of pioneer art that has strong aesthetic. The most charming style is those dress which fully the characteristics of the Renaissance. They are sexy, beautiful and full of feminine beauty. It also fully considers its comfort and the proper size.

Ada Zanditon’s Beautiful Sustainable Bat-Inspired Fashion

The London Fashion Week designer for the winter and fall collection in the United Kingdom, Ada Zandition had gotten her collections all tidied up with a whole new series of interesting clothing. Among the apparels of her presentation that were evident on the runway in the fashion show, visible were a series of clothing designed crisply with the resemblance to that of a bat. The runway show right then was arrayed with a whole lot of formal dresses and cocktail dresses, but primarily featured and highlighted the coats that were structured by the intelligent designer Ada Zandition to resemble the body structure of a bat. With this being said, there had been many elements on her dresses and coats which amused the audience for quite a bit, and the impression and impact brought about were quite a lasting one indeed.

As is visible from above, one of the coats featured in the runway show, it was paired with a true black sleek dress right beneath it, and surely it looked truly unique. The coat featured a near-to-white gray hue all over the entirety, acting as a backdrop, while taking a closer inspection around the coat would reveal how intricate and subtle the other details were atop the dress. Another main feature of this coat was the randomized yet tidy lines that were arrayed right across the coat with a subtle and sleek arrangement. The other details included closely stitched lines that drew interesting distinctions between the colors, but most importantly highlighted the great contrast between both colors on the clothing. The entire piece highlighted true modernity and versatility, especially when accompanied with the underlying sleek black dress.

Right above, lies another dress featured in the runway show of Ada Zandition. The dress is a cocktail dress, but redone with utter complexity and sophistication to look more luxurious and glamorous than any common cocktail dress. Details to the fabric were added on the front portion, and the tones, though falling around the same side of the scale, had subtle differences that complemented each other to bring out the best in the dress. As for the back portion of the dress, it is covered totally in dark tones, sufficient to bring out the beauty of the light blue color at the front portion of the dress.

As for the remaining details of her dresses, when asked by reporters, the UK designer mentioned of the positive environmental effects as well as sustainability of these beautiful apparels. Ada Zandition had gotten her hands into making use of recycled fabric, including recycled fabrics that were used and unused by consumers. Other materials included organic-cotton and more, all of which were not harmful to the environment or nature and were helpful in sustaining the environment. Also, those garments were highly sustainable and were resistant enough for much wearing and tearing. This was a smart step which gave Ada Zandition a better name in the runway show, since it showed her support for the environment and fashion-consciousness. Ada Zandition had definitely been one smart designer who not only creates beautiful apparels, but is also concerned about the environment.

Find out perfect formal dresses

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