Solid Color or a Print of Dresses

printing Beaded One Shoulder A-line Tencel Evening DressEach and ever detail is essential when it comes to buying a dress. At the same time, some details are more important than other. The reality is that the color is the first thing that people see in your attire. If you ask someone to describe your outfit, they will start with this characteristic first. The main choice that you have to make here is whether to go for a solid color or for a colorful print.

It is a common mistake to think that a dress in a solid color is more formal or dull. It all depends on the color that you pick. There are classics such as black, white, cream, and red and blue that can be considered classics. However, bright and pastel colors like?turquoise, pistachio, pink, orange and fuchsia will certainly make any garment a lot less conventional. Quite the opposite, these?solid colors are quite bold.

Just think of the way you will look in the respective color. It should match the occasion and the venue. It should go nicely with your skin tone. It should correspond to your mood as well. In general, a solid color dress will give you a uniform look. The garment itself will be the focal point. That is why it must be very well designed and tailored with each accent being perfect.

The colorful prints are usually less formal but this is not always the case. Currently, the trend of setting a complex colorful print on a white or black garment serving as a canvas is a major one. The effect is stunning and totally gorgeous. Still, most prints make the garments more cheerful and somewhat less formal.


The important thing to remember is that the colorful patterns do not make you appear bigger and do not add weight to your figure. They are beautiful and feminine. You just have to pick the most suitable one for your style and for the occasion.

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