Hollywood Female Stars and Their Fashion Designers

Fashion designers always have a close relation with red carpet evening dress of Hollywood female stars. LV, Chanel and Givenchy are often guests of red carpet. Designers will not have such a high profile without star’s evening dress show on red carpet.

Fashion designer Giambattista Valli and Doutzen Kroes

Italian young fashion designer Giambattista Valli started his career inParis. Giambattista Valli is good at designing women clothes that are graceful and sexy. Her works are not only popular amongHollywoodcelebrities but also younger generation of American upper society and female CEO of Multi-National Corporation.Americais the biggest market of Valli clothing. Giambattista Valli’s appearance on the red carpet of this metropolis is a big surprise. Doutzen Kroes, aHollandmodel that settles inAmerica, steps on the red carpet along with Valli. The popular model of Victoria Secret wore a Valli red evening dress, which is sexy but elegant.

Designer Michael Kors and Dianna Agron

Michael Kors is a typical American fashion master. For twenty years, he sticks to noble material and lively style and wins the general popularity from upper class toHollywoodand career women with a simple spirit. His goddess is Dianna Agron, an actress of American TV series drama Glee who earned plaudits and market share as well in recent years. She is not only young and pretties but also a talented woman that being as singer, director, screenwriter and producer. Just like the Michael Kors red evening dress she had on the red carpet, she was clean and healthy as well.

Riccardo Tisci and Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is a second generation star of the American showbiz and a film star himself. Riccardo Tisci is on the spot of Givenchy, Paris Legend Fashion Company with his strength. Facing with Givenchy’s history that had costumers like Jacqueline – the Kennedy sisters and Audrey Hepburn, you can image Tisci’s pressure. His designs are regarded as black and delicate. But the evening dress he made for Tylerwas white, which made the speak woman of Givenchy L’Intense perfume look more pure and noble. And the contrast of Tisci’s black and his goddess’ white is sharp and creates a visual effect.

Stefano Pilati and Florence Welch

If Givenchy was cool for its black and white, Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion legend, display the power of white. Succeed designer Stefano Pilati of YSL and his goddess Florence Welch both turned up in white. Pilati is a modest, self-disciplined gentleman. His design is full of a sense of art and feminine. Facing Yves Saint Laurent, he handed over a beautiful answer. Welch is a London singer and sings for the guest along with her band Florenceand the Machine. Before the performance, her white evening dress catches the attention of a large amount of people. The thick and solid dress and the white fur coat which is noble and simple, making us think of the star’s dressing style on and off screen in the golden times of Hollywood.

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