The Most Fashionable First lady

French president Sarkozy failed to be re-elected, forcing to the French First Lady Carla Bruni’s who left a deep impress on us with her beauty and well-shaped figure leaving the presidential palace along with her husband. During president Sarkozy’s administration, Carla Bruni took part in a lot of a diplomatic campaign together with her husband. The elegant dressing and pleasant smile contributed to her becoming focus of media everywhere.

As the youngest child, Bruni was born in a rich family of Turin, an industrial hot spot of northern Italy on 13th, December, 1968. Her family moved to France in 1973. She then started to learn some cultural course as well as all kinds of social etiquette in a finishing school of Switzerland. She went back to Paris after graduation and continued to study art and architecture.

Bruni had a long figure and could speak fluent English. She quit school and got into modeling. Then she was soon favored by international fashion brand. She reached the peak of her career in the 1990s and was world’s top model list with annual income of 7.5 million dollars.

As she got older, Bruni decided to walk under the T platform and started her new business. She entered the popular music in 1999 and released her first album someone said to me which sold 2 million at home and abroad at the end of 2002.

In her career of being a model and artist, she tried different kinds of strange clothes. But when she became the First Lady, she managed to dress herself up as elegant as possible. When she paid a visit toEnglandas French First Lady, she displayed her decent style as a prime’s wife on each occasion. Especially the wine red evening dress which liked fashion armor conquered all the people. Her unique and decent dressing in the diplomatic trip had fully shown her charming temperament.

In 2010 when Bruni, in a Dior purple mercerized cotton formal dress, turned up in the opening ceremony of Shanghai World Expo, she caught the attention of all with her elegant temperament. Bruni was also wearing a Dior Scotland flower black dress when she walked out of the cabin with her husband, which was also charming.

The sexy First Lady has also clash with other sometime. In 2008 when president Obama and his wife Michelle Obama arrived atCaencity,Normandy, Sarkozy and Bruni came to greet them. The French and American First Lady became focus of all the media when they showed up at the same time. The amazing part was both Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni were in white dress and wore belt in the waist. Many fashion experts that made comment on their white dress said Bruni was more charming in white dress than Michelle Obama.

Apart from her charming look, Bruni was also good at adding score for her with one and the other bags. As was known to all, the French First Lady loved all kinds of bags. She was caught by the media showing up at the street ofNew Yorkcarrying a Dior 3D bag.

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