The classic a little black dress in history

A Little black dress is adding by CocoChanel first launched in 1926, the black belt gives some rebellious, dare to show themselves in spirit. It sounds simple, but it is definitely a classic little black dress has been popular for nearly a century. Whether the Hollywood celebrity superstar, or the political arena first ladies are willing to interpret the little black dress with elegant atmosphere. Here we bring you look at these famous people “little black dress moment.”
Coco Chanel Little Black Dress

1937 – Coco Chanel. The legendary fashion female use double C shocked the world, and this time she is 54 years old and wear a little black dress in Paris studio.
Jean Harlow's black dress
1930 – Jean Harlow, we need to have to say, old wine are best, the more time the more taste, little black dress collocation is united star jean harlow, invincible.
strapless backless long black dress for Rita Hayworth
1946 – Rita Hayworth, exquisite vintage big waves, willow bending,tight a little black dress, the most critical is the long black gloves, and it smiled, awesomeness.
Marilyn Monroe's a little black dress
1959 – Marilyn Monroe wearing a little black dress in the movie Heat “Like It Hot” passionate performances.
Audrey Hepburn Little Black Dress
1961 – Audrey Hepburn, the originator of the little black dress,it is this “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” made ​​a star of Givenchy.
EliZAbeth Taylor's black dress
1962 – Elizabeth Taylor, by virtue of “Suddenly Last Summer”get David Film Awards, she is no doubt to choose this elegant little black dress to attend the ceremony.
Tippi Hedren's black dress
1963 – Tippi Hedren, the stars of the last century, it is too strong, without any modification of the conditions of the picture, their beauty is completely natural, Tibi Hedren is wearing this a little black dress murder so many film.
Brigitte Bardot's a little black dress
1968 – Brigitte Bardot, it is have to admire the excellent fashion sense stars, the Brigitte Bardot will wear a little black dress on the outside, with a black jackboot is still very fashion .
Winona Ryder's v-neck black dress
1991 – Winona Ryder, she and Johnny Depp get together in the forty-eighth session of the Academy Awards, who can not forget their sensational romance love,teen idol with a naughty look serious and Depp proud look, I know how much he loved her. This little black deep V dress make her look like a princess.
princess-diana's black dress
1994 – Princess Diana. Wearing Christina Stamboulian’s a little black dress visits in London. The elegant little black dress with a princess diamond necklace is so beautiful.
Helena Christensen black dress
1995 – Helena Christensen who wearing a little black dress on the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week.
Victoria BeCKham's black dress1998 – Victoria Beckham and David at the Rookery Hall Hotel announced their engagement, she choose the classic little black dress to record the particularly important day.

jennifer aniston black derss 2004 – Jennifer Aniston and then husband Brad Pitt attend the movie “Troy” premiere, months after two people go their separate ways. Then look at the her smile, I do not know what she thought of her looks in today.
Michelle Obama's black lace dress 2009 – Michelle Obama and President Obama attend the NATO summit. The first lady is seems a little “strong”, in particular she stand together with the president, but this little black dress chosen very successful, the bubble hem design allows the first lady’s waist looks more slender, while the lace make the lady looks more youthful and lively.
Carla Bruni's black dress 2010 – Carla Bruni, how can mention little black dress made no mention of France’s first lady? For the first lady who was supermodel yet, she is always with little black dress to increase her gas field, she meeting the African first ladies in Paris.
Lady Gaga's black dress 2011 –Lady Gaga is absolutely unexpected in every time, the Gaga imitation the Audrey Hepburn’s classic style which is in “Holly Golightly of Breakfast At Tiffany”, but you is not inconceivable that she imitate?

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