11 actress Oscar red carpet dress

This Giambattista Valli dress is the perfect red carpet dress. Its blue-purple chest wrapped is very overhangs, white fishtail skirt is sense of presence, falbala is both elegant and eye-catching, it is very suitable for ambitious “vase” beautiful actress, just like Amy Adams.

Royal purple strapless white fishtail skirt

White with red dots dior tight dress is send out holy light,both hot and cold, Designed for beauty and strength film goddesses,such as Jennifer Lawrence.

White with red dots dior tight dress
Chanel spring and summer series of dress, from a piece of transparent to see rainbow, Metaphor the acting without performance trace, low-key and deep, for a great actress.

Chanel spring and summer series transparent dress
If you wear this Antonio Berardi black dress, as if Venice theater actress upper body, it is looks mysterious and comfortable, it is suitable for a taste of the Julia Roberts movie.

black long evening dress

This kind of Armani skirt dress is make sense of elegance, if Grace Kelly was still alive, she will be manage it more than anyone else. Of course, it is also suitable for Cate Blanchett who is belong to ice beauty women.

Showily armani dress
Liquid silk Versace dress and exquisite embroidery is full of delicate atmosphere, look forward to seeing Sandra Bullock who wear it the red carpet.

Liquid silk and exquisite embroidery dress
Jenny Packham dress sexy version of the Greek goddess, it is suitable for rich voice actress, such as Meryl Streep.

Sexy version of the Greek goddess dress
J. Mende’s dress is both retro and modern, it is suitable for those who are also ancient and modem every-changing actress.

J. Mende's retro and modern dress

Bold saturated tomato red Marchesa dress, it will be take away everyone’t attention for the extremely good-looking goddess wear it, such as Nicole Kidman.

ycopene long evening dress

Zuhair Murad’s sexy low-cut zebra print dress so that the curve at a glance, people daydream Jennifer Luo Peici wear it looks like.

Sexy low-cut black zebra print dress
Gold lace Elie Saab dress is extremely beautiful, as if the goddess of victory, won the best actress for looking actress.

glod lace long evening dress

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