Stars beautiful white outfits

Black is a timeless everyone knows, in addition to go with everything. However, color is too often forgotten: the pristine white. In fact, this color, although very pretty, it is deemed to be messy, at first, but also to very marriage, finally, and no one dares. Finally, it was before, the stars have dared and see life in white through different outfits.

I. Sporty white

Stars also need to wear comfortable clothes. And small white accents provide an amazing characters.
1 Jaime King in dress shirt
Jaime King wears a shirt immaculate ling confronting bitumen
The shirt dress is a simple outfit. It may be associated with heels, sneakers, in short, it’s perfect outfit. Far from a prom dress that’s for sure, yet equally pretty. Jaime King’s dress is associated with compensated. Nothing is easier to spend a day at 100 miles an hour.
2 Rita Ora and total look white
Rita Ora gives us a sacred lesson with her white look. Indeed, the sublime dared tuxedo (timeless highlighted by the great Yves Saint Laurent) and this one, white. A chic look but at the same sports or very masculine, but accessorized so bring splashes of color time. Black shoes, red hat, red lipstick, what change traditional dresses chic evening.
Rita Ora white look
Finally, in this side very comfortable sport, we could see the lovely Reese Witherspoon with white shorts. By far the most comfortable for summer clothing. With a top blue color that blends perfectly with the immaculate white, exactly. Accustomed to see in a celebrity dress, she plays on simplicity and we love it.

II. The chic class immaculate

1 Mixture of white and metallic
Amber Heard white outfits
Amber Heard opted for a simple white top to accessorize the silver skirt
An amazing mix with the white top and bottom metallic color. Amber Heard fills the challenge admirably. And accessory boosted with the top of the long evening dress. One would have thought too much to the contrary.
2 A white while simplicity
Irina Shayk sublime in a white dress
Irina Shayk has focused on simplicity. A white evening dress with long sleeves, belted at the waist. Very nicely worn with very feminine heels and laces, black, playing on the contrast.

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