It’s summer here and it definitely means its time to have new dresses ( preferably bridesmaid or Chiffon evening dresses ) .
June is getting near and I would have to attend many events , Mum has already listed three weddings but I am sure I would hardly have time for any one of them . Wedding times have the disadvantage of ” Not-use-your-gadget” around.
My aunt , will get married around April of 2014 , so I am already preparing myself for that event . It’s gonna be awesome because she’s the last one in girls from my maternal family :)
I am making themes and the best one was “Wonderstrucked” . Inspired by Taylor Swift’s song + fragrance Wonderstruck . The dress featured is from PersunMall.

purple style

Grab this button from lordhtml.blogspot.com
Doesn’t it look great? Purple evening dress with a great match :)

I can’t wait to match some other styles too . After all it’s gonna be a summer style + summer weddings are whether on beach or some cruise style . Related article: It’s Soft

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