Robot groomsman and bridesmaid

You might never image that robot can also acting as groomsman and bridesmaid in the wedding. This is really happening in England. Groom Tom and Bride Celina are holding their wedding in the church. The robot groomsman and bridesmaid dance when joyful music starts to play, turning, waving and twisting. Groom Tom says it is a creative idea to use robot as groomsman and bridesmaid. He will give the robots to his wife as a present and hope she can reserve them for a life time.

The new couple’s wedding begins formally at eleven fifty eight. When the friends and relatives are looking for the groomsman and bridesmaid around, the host tells them the groomsman and bridesmaid are the two robots on the table. The pair of robots are very delicate, with both of their height of 40centimeters and weight 1.25 kilograms. When the newly couple press the switch on the body of robots at the same time, the two robots whose distance is less than one meter walk towards the front, then get together and wave their right hands to the friends and relatives.

According to the newly couple, the robots are invited from a robot research and development company. One of the company’s engineers says both of them are made of aluminum alloy skeleton. The silvery one is bridesmaid whose body color is similar to the bride’s wedding dress. It may also be the first bridesmaid that not wearing the bridesmaid dresses.

At noon when the wedding ceremony comes to an end, the two robots beguiled the friends and relatives with performance. They dance accompanied with the music. With the change of rhythm, their arms extend to two sides or above his head. What’s more, their hands and feet are very flexible. The can not only move their body front or behind but also bent their knees.

At this moment, all the friends and relative move their attention out of the groom and bride and watch the groomsman and bridesmaid’s performance carefully. In the process of the dancing performance, their arms bump and slum to the ground, leading to a laugh on the wedding scene.

Some shot in a closer distance with their cell phone; some record the whole process of the dancing performance. To meet the friends and relatives’ request, the two robots perform the dance for three times continuously. One of the bride’s friends says the robots are like dancing popping, which has the style of Michael Jackson.

Speaking of his creative idea to use robot as groomsman and bridesmaid, groom Tom is very proud. The new couple is working in London. Tom is engaged in the dissemination of the culture which has a close relationship with creation. It takes him a lot of time to plan his wedding. He begins to design his wedding in August. Influenced by film Transformers, he contacts a robot research and development company. It takes three months the make the groomsman and bridesmaid. He just wants to give my lover an unforgettable wedding.

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