As the prom is coming

At high school, the recent hot top for girls and boy is the prom. As the date of the prom is coming, they are already to prepare for this big party. They are so exciting to search for prom dresses or tuxedos, and start save money for the expense of tickets and the transportation that are needed for the amazing prom. At the same time, they are also beginning to search for the pal for the dance and other activities at the prom.

Every girl and boy anxiously waits for that day to come as early as the school day begins. Girls hope that they can go to the prom with handsome guys as their pals. Girls are dreamed of that moment that the guy stands in front of her with the beautiful flower and chocolate in his hand. If there is a serenading for her, that will be more romantic.  In fact, girls would always be happy if some guy asks them to the prom. Whether she is the princess of most boys or a tomboy in the eyes of other people, she wants to be asked.

For the boys, they have the difficult part for the prom. That actually is to ask the girl to with them. Whether the girl wants to go with me? That is the biggest question for some boys. There are fulfilled thoughts of rejection of the girls in their minds. The fear of embarrassment makes them hard to speak out one word. Before the action, they have to take a deep breath to swallow all their fear and worry. They get up the courage to ask the girls they are enamored of. Maybe, boys are dread about that day actually. Of course, most girls will accept the invitation and they will have a wonderful experience at the prom, because that is the event they are dreamed of for so long time.

But we know that at the end, not all the girls and boys can go with a pal of the opposite sex. Yet they will also go through the same process as others do. They go shopping for the outfits and prepare the transportation.

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It is more fortunate for girls. Girls will call other girls who also have no escort and search for the beautiful prom dresses on the town that they are fancy about. Their passion about prom will not be affected though they are not in those couples. However, boys may not feel so joyful, if they have no pal to prepare the prom together. They search for the outfits. Their process could not be exciting as the tuxedos are not as stunning as girls’ dresses. They pick up a tuxedo in black or white and finish their task.

In the high school society, a prom can also exert pressure on the girls and boys. Although, they have been exhausting waiting for that day to come, the prom can also be a daunting thing, especially for boys.

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