Miranda Kerr shows off big change

In February sounded Miranda Kerr the curls fall when she cut a axellång bob.
And when supermodel landed in Tokyo on Thursday, she showed off a new hairstyle again-and this time, she had clipped even shorter than at the first hairdresser visit.
Supermodel Miranda Kerr showed off her new hairdo when she went to Tokyo to take part in a talk show on Thursday.
Miranda Kerr, 32, has hijacked a word according to the bit of the length of the hair and had last Thursday attracted it slightly to frame your face extra. The new hairstyle matched supermodel with a white dress, gold sandals and the hot pink handbag.

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When Miranda Kerr arrived at the airport in Tokyo she was caught on video. Then she had a more casual style with black jeans, black top and blue jacket.
Miranda Kerr has previously said that she had already previously wanted to cut her hair short, but she has not been able to because of his job.
Miranda Kerr: “Has often fantasized about it”
But in February, it was finally time to take the plunge when she cut a axellång bob.
I wanted to cut my hair for at least a year, said Miranda Kerr then to Harper’s Bazaar, according to Hello Magazine.
I have often fantasized about it but I haven’t had the chance to do so because of the contracts I’ve had. But now I’ve got the green light from all the clients that I work with.

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Then also told supermodel that there were certain similarities with the new hairstyle and the hairstyle she had as a child-although there were big differences.
I’ve had long hair basically my whole life. I have never cut it this card before, except maybe when I was about four years. Then I suppose that I had this kind of hairstyle. Not exactly this hairstyle, because I used to have bangs and I have apparently not now. But it’s fun with variety, it feels really good, said Miranda Kerr then.

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