Most fashionable girls formal dresses on show

Throughout the evening of Saturday, December 19, onstage at the Zenith of Lille, Iris Mittenaere marched in all most sumptuous outfits than the other…
To appear at their best and convince the French that it was she and anyone else who should win the Miss France Crown, each of 31 stunning young women scrolls before the cameras of TF1 in outfits breathtaking. Between designers dresses and sexy swimsuits, the Miss are pampered by the formidable teams of designers of the company Miss France and deliver a show simply magical for almost three hours thirty.

Iris Mittenaere en maillot de bain une pièce, lors de l'élection de Miss France 2016 au Zénith de Lille, le samedi 19 décembre 2015.

Elected Miss France 2016 following the massive vote of viewers, Iris Mittenaere, which we discover the course is is thus illustrated onstage, throughout the evening, in a dozen different formal dresses Australia. In addition to the parade of introduction, there was, of course, the parade in pirate attire, on a signed idea Laury Thilleman. Then, the Lille marched along with its 30 competitors in their respective regions from folk dress. It was just before the long-awaited table in swimwear one-piece. In a red Jersey, Iris drew his most beautiful smile, as ready to dive into an imaginary swimming pool in summer.

Iris Mittenaere en robe de soirée, lors de l'élection de Miss France 2016 au Zénith de Lille, le samedi 19 décembre 2015.

Mermaid formal dresses

Then, at the end of the first elimination, the twelve Miss qualified were able to shine during a thematic special Christmas in swimwear two pieces this time. They themselves are then shed in mothers sexy Christmas before a sublime table inspired by childhood with dresses made using candy. Besides being icons, both feminine and elegant, the five finalists were able to live their dream of Princess to the end by parading in a worthy of the most beautiful fairy tale evening dress.
So many beautiful moments of television made possible by fashion designer Nicolas Fafiotte teams. “It represents many hours of work. Should all embroidery hand: beads, lace… A true work of haute couture. (…) The idea was also to pay tribute to the president of the jury, Jean-Paul Gaultier. “It is proud to have before him of beautiful couture dresses and not ready to wear basic”, said fashion designer Nicolas Fafiotte, Lyon antenna of Jazz Radio. Goldsmith work which certainly contributes to the development of our beautiful Miss countries around the world!

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