Let’s dress up to the Homecoming together

You have probably heard about “Homecoming” in American TV shows or films. It is a traditional activity held in American high schools and colleges in September to October which can date back to the early 20th century. What currently perceived by the public about homecoming may be the prom, at which the King and the Queen will be chose. You will be asked on Homecoming that who you will go with. Still there are a lot of people who don’t know what is Homecoming. Its meaning lies in its name, which some people go back to their schools and celebrate. It will be traditionally held at a weekend in autumn when alumni gather in crowds and groups and go back. Even though many alumni will come back, most of the activities which aim to foster a sense of unity among them are planned and organized by students at school.
Usually, the celebrations last a week and it features all sorts of fun activities such as dress up days, a parade, a homecoming dance, and of course, the big football game.
The most popular activity must be campaigning for Homecoming King and Queen which is more general in high school than in college. Before the Homecoming weekend, the King and Queen will be nominated by voting. There is no unified standard to be the King or Queen, instead, it like more a popular election. But students will usually nominate those that are involved in school activities, have good grades, and girls that are pretty and boys that are handsome. The result will be published during the football game.
Another traditional activity is Spirit Week which falls during the week before Homecoming. There is different dress theme everyday. For example, on Monday, all the students wear in black. Tuesday they will wear clothes of fifty or sixty’s. But Wednesday they will change for Indian’s clothes. Some time they will have “Dress as a Famous Person Day” and all around school you saw people dressed as Lady Gaga, Harry Potter, and many more. You can also see some teacher dress up like Albert Einstein. In a word, they will dress up according to the unified requirements to support their school.
Besides, prom is also a big event during the Homecoming which will be relatively more formal in high school. All the students dress up and attend with their dance partner. Some girls even put on beautiful prom dress to attract more attention. What’s more important, all of the students in the school will take part in the prom, and songs played in the prom will be lyrical and romantic. As the school is too large to hold just one prom, so some fraternity will host all kinds of informal dance or party.
The mentioned interesting activities are most common, but there are still many other activity varies from different schools such as bonfire party, student competition and performance. In fact, one of the good things to attend the Homecoming is you will be proud of your school when taking part in so many traditional activities.

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