Learning to Pick Fitted Homecoming Dresses from Celebrities on the New Trend

You may be quite annoyed by how to select one fitted homecoming dress for your homecoming event. Here we offer you one good solution for this problem. Find some famous celebrity magazines, look up them, and you can also turn to some big awards shows, such as the Emmys and the MTV Music Awards. You could see clearly the styles of dress that celebrities are fond of.

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It is without any doubt that the latest fashion trends are easily provided to the famous movie stars and music stars, and fashion designers are quite glad to offer celebrities their fashion ideas in dresses. The reason is quite simple that celebrities wearing their dresses could be a best and fast method of advertising the fashion trends to the general public. Among these dresses in style, fitted homecoming dresses are worthy of your attention.

First of all, we’d like to show you one design style which could hardly go out of styles in the fashion trends of homecoming dress. This design element is the different silhouettes which are regarded as classic cuts. As a young lady, it is better to choose such style for it can be both trendy and worn in many occasions. You could wear this style to attend your party, your prom nights, as well as dates, without being out of date in the overall appearance.

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Then it comes to the colors for homecoming dresses this season, that is the red color, exactly red satin. This is a bold color which can give a highlight to the figure of your body, especially when combined with the fabrics of satin. This design could be to show off well the best assets of you, and of course, if you just want to blend in with the crowd at the party, just avoid this color. However, if you want to stand out among so many ladies, just try this combination. Celebrities tend to choose this color to obtain an outstanding effect in appearance.

As for the neckline of dresses, strapless style is trendy and offers you a preferred look. There are two particular and popular cuts for homecoming dresses: the mermaid style and the column style. Both styles have free options in colors and fabrics.

The length for the mermaid style is better through the bodice over your knees. Meanwhile, its bottom should be perfect if it flares from the waist and outward with a dramatic finish. For a mermaid style homecoming dress, your accessories should be placed little emphasis, and could not grab any special attention which should be led to the special and bold style of this dress.

The column style has a unique design from the neckline to its hemline, usually with a floor length. Exquisite embellishments are common found in this style, such as rhinestones and crystals, which are designed in a more subdued way, in order to place a highlight to the dramatic cut of the dress itself. Its hemline would be perfect if the dress just end at your ankles.

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