Bible of fashion bridesmaid dressing

A pretty team of bridesmaid can not only upgrade the brides’ aura, but also construct strong atmosphere of wedding. If you want to be a most fashion and pretty bridesmaid, you have to learn a lesson about how to dress up.

To be first, the color of bridesmaid dress should be in accord with the wedding theme color. If you have ever watched the movie 27 sets of garments you will know that it completely counters the bridesmaid’s image of monotonous pink dress in tradition.

27 Dresses

The bone ash level bridesmaid’s 27 appearances in the wedding are all striking. Her experience tells us that bridesmaid dress may not be limited to sweet type or some certain color, which means as long as the dress is simple and temperamental enough to be in line with the positioning of the wedding; you can undoubtedly to be a beautiful bridesmaid.

There is an enormous choice for bridesmaid dress except for some taboo color such as black and red. But you had better choose one according to the wedding color. For instance, if you are going to a popular lavender theme wedding, a pale purple bridesmaid can be pretty and notable. But if you are in a greenish white theme wedding, it will draw attention to wear a light green dress. While a crowd of bridesmaid with light blue dress will add some vision score to a blue theme wedding.

In a word, it would be better that the bridesmaid dress and the wedding theme are of the same color. If there is no theme color, champagne will be the first color to choose which will not go wrong absolutely. Please avoid such bright colors as rose and flash gold, for it will either destroy the elegant and romantic atmosphere or upstage the bride.

Secondly, it is better to unify the dress in order to build a bridesmaid team that is harmonious visually, otherwise it will be disordered. You can adhere to three principles below: different types with same color and material; different colors with same type or same color and type.

Last but not the least; bridesmaid dresses should be simple enough to make you convenient. Generally speaking, the two major characters of bridesmaid dress are short and simple. The most suitable length of bridesmaid is above the knee. The golden length guarantees the bridesmaid’s convenient action and makes them more lively and younger. What’s more, the bridesmaid dress should be as dignified as possible. So it is wise to choose material such as satin, chiffon, organza.

Due to the simplicity of the dress, if you want to be beautiful, you should pay more attention to the details. For example, a satin girdle can make you exceedingly fascinating and charming, and bowknot and flower are elements which often used in bridesmaid dress. But you should note that one element is enough, too many will be garish.

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