Because these dresses are too good to be the preserve of leggy gallerists

In truth, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, which launched a year ago and repeatedly sells out, is another aspect of Beckham herself: the more youthful, kicked back version. “This isn’t the usual second line,” she says. “I never wanted to compromise on the quality. It’s more a case that this line is focussed on daywear, which means I can put more evening looks in the Victoria Beckham range. Because it’s more day wear, prices are more accessible”.

Let’s be clear, accessibility in this context, is a relative concept. Prices start at around £465 for a thigh skimming khaki fit and flare cotton-canvas dress like the one Beckham herself was wearing, and go up to around £960 for more complicated silk pieces. But the quality is faultless. And for most of us, these “day” dresses – and it was all dresses – would easily segue into night time for cocktails and parties.

And while it’s dispiriting to have to repeat myself, it was another hit for her, with a succession of dresses that, though youthful, were also more than one season wonders. Some were sleeveless block coloured shifts in lemon and taupe, others featured palm trees, or a beautiful elongated bird, all developed in-house. Others had contrasting bodices: long sleeved lace or translucent, pin-tucked gazaar bodices with silk skirts.

Personally I’m hoping they come up a bit longer than on the catwalk, because these dresses are too good to be the preserve of leggy gallerists.

Meanwhile, Beckham confirmed she is not planning a children’s collection any time soon. “There are so many people doing it so well. I like to go where I think I can bring something extra.” That included the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics, which, she said, she found “amazingly enjoyable.”

Beckham has sometimes sought to distance herself slightly from her Spice Girl past, keen, perhaps to posit herself as a serious designer. But now she seems ready to embrace her back catalogue, in all its guises.

“I’m very proud to be British, so it was an honour”. Come on then Victoria, how about taking the next logical step and showing in London?

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