Ball for glamorous princess – a show time of formal dress

November is generally the social season of western society. Crillon Ball which is the only aristocratic party open to all around the world is held in November. On this day, girls from famous families all over the globe gather together in Crillon Hotel of Paris and dance with male partner to show they formally enter the upper social circles.

While modern lady no longer hope the first moment they enter the social circles. What draws their attention now is fashion. The Crillon Ball collects all the light from the world rather than being a private dancing party which belongs to a small set of people. Sponsors of cosmetics brand offer make-up artist and stylist to them. All the fashion houses in Paris are asked to offer them high class dress and skirt. They need not even worry about jewelry worth millions for the sponsor will offer all. The ball is not only the most important activity of the social circle to which the famous princess can attend but also a stage for the cloth designers to express their creative ideas.
Crillon Ball

It is evident that they will not miss this excellent chance to advertise for they know clearly that these princesses and their family or even those guests who receive invitation are the largest consumer group of luxuries. Well-known brands such as Chanel, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, and Givenchy take this as their press conference for they have tailor-made dresses for the princesses.
The dozens of hours from these girls selecting and trying on the formal dresses and having their hair set and finally be led into the dance hall by their reputed fathers will be shot. The whole process is like Miss World pageant of upper class.
Crillon Ball

The ball has gradually evolved into a luxurious fashion social way or even an identification mark of high society. Those girls who are invited and take part in the ball will be very enviable.
The adult party for famous daughter originates from a long-standing tradition of British aristocracy hundreds of years. Girls at the age of 18 put on the most beautiful clothes to meet the queen on a designated day. These girls will be called Debs who first step into the social circle.

Crillon Ball
In 1957, the famous cloth brand Jean Baddou revived the tradition and made it develop into an annual event which was held in Versailles or Paris Opera in turn. Only 250 elites around the world can get the invitation from Crillon Ball. Girls that qualify to the ball are between 16—21 years old. They must have well-groomed appearance, receive well education and have elegant taste and come from a famous family.

Many noble princesses have ever taken part in the ball such as Shaiyra Devi of Kapurthala, nephew of Asian regional representative of LVMH. She is India and her partner is Jean-Baptiste Solanet. Remy Fisher whose grandfather is an important founder of American cloth brand had also joined the ball. As Remy Fisher’s mother is Japanese, so she is a mixed-blood princess.

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