Where to get wedding dress for little money

Tip1: Department store

Major department stores offer their customers a department for bridal wear. Here sometimes hanging even models last season – and are sold at a reduced price.

Tip 2: Thrift store

Some of these transactions have even specialized in bridal wear (see the Industry Register). Most, however, receive occasional purely a wedding dress. So rather inquire in advance by telephone.

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Tip 3: Classified ads in newspapers, etc.

You can even Ads in “Wanted” or search under “Sales” for a wedding dress. The offer is quite remarkable, especially in spring and summer.

Tip 4: Internet

Surfing the Internet can find a used wedding dress – even that is possible. With mails back and forth details can be equal to clarify from woman to woman. Even thrift stores offer on the Internet under the search word “Bride Fashion” or “trousseau” on.

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Tip 5: Borrow

When professional lender the bride between numerous models to choose from. Each looks like new and is adapted to the figure. After the wedding, you are the dress back, never to return. In industry registers look under “bride clothes”, “trousseau” and costume rental “.

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