Unique themes for bridesmaid dresses

When planning the theme for your wedding, you need to have a clear understanding of the big picture in your head and not just about your own wedding dress. Bridesmaid Dresses will also need to be well thought out and considered, and their style must contribute to a uniform flow of the entire event.
But some brides believe that the choice of clothes for their environment doesn’t have to be such a big deal – after all, all eyes will be on the bride, right? On the contrary; Choose a theme for the party as a whole not only adds to the mood of the event, but it is also true all parts together perfectly. It can also make for a very interesting and memorable photo shoot! Check out the following themes could work for different wedding motif.

Ombre dresses
Ombre is a very fashionable concept nowadays-but it normally applies hair color rather than bridesmaid dresses! But it’s a great way to be creative with your wedding reception theme. Don’t be afraid to consider a seemingly over-the-top idea as this, because you can always choose to tone it down a bit. For example, instead of making your attendant wearing a dress with such striking gradient color effect, you can select each girl to wear a different shade of tint that matches your overall spot instead. Carefully selected styles of complementary colors creates a lovely, muted ombre effect, especially in photos and allows the bride to stand out in the flawless and immaculate white. The ombre effect also looks good for the procession down the aisle. But apart from the aesthetic benefits, this type of theme also give you more choices when picking out a color for the party.

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Roaring Twenties Dresses
Vintage bridesmaid dresses will never go out of style and that’s never a bad idea as a wedding theme! There are several advantages to choose vintage for your bridesmaid dresses. For starters, you can simply scout for true vintage finds in thrift shops as a cheaper alternative, and you don’t have to worry about all wear the same style as long as they stick to the theme. In addition, there is an appeal to have your attendants wear dresses that belong to a particular time; It creates a more relaxed atmosphere, while maintaining consistency in your wedding theme.

Rocking 50s dresses
Another great not quite as vintage theme for bridesmaid dresses are Rocking the ‘ 50s. Since vintage themes wont give you lots of choices and room for creativity, they will always be a good choice for all modern bride. For your wedding gown, you can go full-on 50 ‘s style, in a retro dress with a tight bodice and a full skirt, pearls for accessories, and satin heels. At the same time, your attendants wear cute dresses with nettokjolar for a neat and stylish look. This style looks especially amazing to walk down the aisle.

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