Star’s red carpet dress inspiration come from bridal dress FEEL

Europe and American’s red carpet dress performance is more and more eye-catching on the show, these celebrities fall in love with the actress collective bridal STYLE, simple philosophy in terms of bridal trends increasingly occupy an important position. Minimalist style wedding concept is the brightest star in Europe and America on the red carpet.

Minimalist is inspired from wedding dress

Whether daily women’s dress or wedding dress, minimalist style has made a comeback in this year, with the traditional and fashion combined with each other, it is innovation. So wedding dress, formal dress is too, the breakdown of this year’s red carpet actress’s performance, in addition to showing a strong wedding dress FEEL, three-dimensional contour cut is modern and full of hope to break through subversion of the traditional, they fear it, then select some very simple style wrong. Simple one seems easy, in fact, the body is likely to expose the shortcomings, managing a perfect combination of elegance and more need for general accessories.

Shailene's white Oscars gown

Shailene Woodley’s white formal dress in Valentino

Taylor Swift's white high split prom dress

Taylor Swift

Charlize Theron's dior white formal dress

Charlize Theron in Dior

Ellie Goulding

Emma Watson's sexy white prom dress


Emma Watson’s sexy white evening dress

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