Small details to embellish a dress: do’s and don’ts

Why do we persist in flip through fashion magazines and look at the photos of the stars on the internet? It’s simple, because it is the best way to verify that stars wants to make you want to buy or not completely one dress. We will talk about this in this article. Some formal dresses are made of stars original design just with a little more details on the dress: a drawing, sewing, some rhinestones or sequins. Designers do not lack ideas on this subject. Sometimes it works but sometimes not. And what we’ll show you in this article is that when a dress is “in” and when it’s too loaded. We used to see if the critics have appreciated or not about our favorite celebrity dressing before get inspire from her outfit. And we are right to do so because the fashion world is fickle, trends change with the seasons, there are styles that remain and styles that do not stay. During the 70th Venice Film Festival, there were so many beautiful dresses they imagined to be filled with small details that adorned. But there are also the stars who have disappointed us because they chose unsuitable formal dresses decorated with too rhinestones or too many amenities to attend the ceremony. We will show you two formal evening dresses: one the designer has managed to make the dress more interesting, and the other one made the dress too loaded.

yvonne-scioYvonne Scio in red evening dress:
The beautiful red dress worn by Yvonne at the 70th Venice Film Festival was worthy of the greatest honor. Dress’s red veil perfectly sculpted Yvonne’s figure and ends flared behind. The bustier is replaced by double straps encircle the exterior the center of her bra. This is where the rhinestones are added in addition to that the braces are used to make the dress more attractive. Indeed, without it, the dress may be a red dress too monotonous, without personality. Yvonne accessorized with a black cover just to remind blacks amenities inserted into her dress and perfected her style with a lipstick that matches the color of her dress. Hair emerged on the side are more suitable because it allows to value dress.
Marina Castelnuovo in blue evening dress:
Marina Catelnuovo chose wear this blue evening dress decorated with ornaments at the ends of the bra and the straps that goes behind her neck. It is true that the ornaments inlaid well in her dress which recall the color of the dress itself and its collar, but there is too Marina. The dress is a very light blue and the remarkable satin fabric. She should have avoided sparkle rhinestone to make an already flashy dress too extravagant. Like what, the level of detail to complement an outfit, always remain soft, this is the best way to please.

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