The pastel color semi-formal dresses for wedding guests

You fall for pretty dresses? With comfortable to wear, cutting fashionable and unique fabrics, feminine colors and delicious, it’s worth considering formal dresses for wedding pastel color in

So do not afraid of doing too little girl! Whether you are a beginner in pastel color, or a long time fan, pastel color has something to make your stylish outfit in the wedding day. Today I present the colors light purple, sky blue formal dresses for you to attend the wedding party.

Light purple formal dresses

cheap light purple short formal dress

Chiffon style purple formal dresses is very nice. Styles range from asymmetric style bustier with the strap style. As a mysterious color, light purple brings the extraordinary charm. It’s easy to find a nice dress for you. Then you have more time accessories, such as shoes for a wedding and beauty care.

Blue semi-formal dresses

sky blue semi-formal dresses
It is an elegant and festive look during a wedding ceremony, do not forget that the blue sky dress. A formal dress blue sky dress is matched with the white wedding dress. This will be a beautiful view of marriage. And opt for short dresses, the length is perfect for an evening wedding.

So after admiring the dresses above, you certainly want to be a beginner in pastel. Contact Customer Service Dressesmallau for your made to measure dress.

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