The evening dresses with bow for stars in the red carpet

Katy Perry's pink evening dress with bow

Katy Perry pink satin dress with a black collar-style bow, black belt tied around his waist, it is also highlight the beautiful and romantic lady temperament, the yellow short hair is flowing by wind, it is indispensable to draw a beautiful makeup.

Fergie evening dress with bowFergie has a large black bow in the black and white stitching dress, the strapless evening dress make the cleavage more obvious, the sexy women show business line which is also uses bow to play pure, sexy and pure combination of clothing is charming.

michelle williams sequined evening dress with a black bow

Michelle Williams milky white sleeveless shirt with a shiny cake skirt is very sweet, the black bow decoration on the waist is more romantic, the overall shape of the three colors which is black, white and grey, the low-key luxury evening dress is highlight the temperament.

Amaanda Seyfrieds evening dress with bow

Amanda Seyfried bright orange suspenders evening dress color is so bright, the bow on the waist can hide the fat, it is definitely a smart move to us camouflage.

Miley Cyrus evening dress with bow

Miley Cyrus’s white and purple evening dress back with a decorative bow tail, the pure color with lively style is a evening dress which is loved by young girls.

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