Best color of evening dresses for autumn evening

The hot summer has been away from us and the cool autumn is approaching. Each season has its own icon. It is time to choose your evening dresses. Exactly, why not take advantage of this fall with a new evening gown?
The question is asked very often, what is the best color of the evening dress for autumn.
formal evening dresses
Evening dresses in blue and light green will perhaps suitable with the summer. These cool colors have obviously created a cooling effect. But as in the fall, this kind of color is no longer appropriate. Have you thought about the color pink? But it is one of a romantic colors for flowering spring. The color of spring is of course pink, romantic, fluid, elegant. However, for correspondence with the color of autumn, no! Therefore, the pink color is not a good choice for fall.
But what is the best color? People tend to opt for gray, brown … these dark colors in winter. Personally I find it so dull and boring. For your gala evening, I think the best color is black. It is a color that makes you elegant. One has the impression that a woman looks thinner in a black dress. I will argue that most women can not resist the charm of having a less round shape. On the other hand, the fall is not as pale and dull winter. Black will match well with yellow leaves, nature. So black will surely fantastic color that brings out your mysterious beauty.

pretty black formal evening dresses
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