Top 6 Fashion Trends in Red Carpet

Female stars’ dress in red carpet has always been the most attractive part for all medias. They compete with each other, wearing beautiful sexy evening dress. But when it comes down to it, what kind of evening dress is the best choice? Now let’s tank the top 6.

TOP 1: Elie Saab
Elie Saab will undoubtedly become the most popular brand of evening dress among actress. It has always been known for its luxury, noble, elegant and charming evening dress. It wins with its flowery style and its fabric of silk satin, chiffon with unique pattern, silver tassel and fine embroidery.  In a word, it is easy to control. Many stars have repeatedly wore Elie Saab evening dress and elegantly appeared in red carpet of film festival activities.

TOP 2: Valentino
Valentino has an implicit beauty of mystery with exquisite clipping, advanced imported fabrics and luxurious style. It has close-fitting stitching line. Its length which is below the knee can stand out your figure and fully show the charming of woman.
There are many celebrities who choose Valentino evening dress on the red carpet. Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, Amanda Seyfried who has tall figure is completely goddess wearing a Valentino elegant sexy formal dress of embroidery hollow.

TOP 3: Chanel
Chanel fashion is always decorous, concise and elegant. And she is good at breaking out the tradition. Early in the 1940s, she had successfully changed women’s clothing from complex to simple and comfortable, which was perhaps the earliest contemporary sportswear. Astrid Berges, Kirsten Dunst, Karolina Kurkova and Uma Thurman are all fans of Chanel evening dress. The elegant and delicate white dress reveals subtle elegant temperament but not lack gentle and comfortable aura. Chanel seems to be the most comfortable dress.

TOP 4: Givenchy
Givenchy has been a leader in the fashion industry with elegant products style that is known for more than 30 years of. Givenchy’s 4G represents Genteel, Grace, joy, Gaiety and Givenchy respectively.
Its unique design and classic lasting appeal make it elegant and full of joy. Givenchy can not be handled by ordinary people. But if you choose one that suits you, you can definitely shine on the red carpet. Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara, Best Dressed and Amanda Seyfried charmed many in Givenchy evening dress of different style.

TOP 5: Christian Dior
Christian Dior persists in beautiful and elegant design with delicate and simple clipping. It adheres to elegant and high-quality in order to meet the taste of mature female of upper society. It pays attention to the model lines of female but not color and forms a distinct style, which make us fascinating.

TOP 6: Atelier Versace
Versace evening dress is unique in design and also a symbol of pioneer art that has strong aesthetic. The most charming style is those dress which fully the characteristics of the Renaissance. They are sexy, beautiful and full of feminine beauty. It also fully considers its comfort and the proper size.

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