Top 5 Tips for Bridesmaid Dresses Shopping Online

A perfect wedding can’t lack the bridesmaid dresses, the bridesmaids dresses always be elegant pretty. But the bridesmaid dresses choosing is a serious thing that you can’t be careless.
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So what bridesmaid dress will you choose for the big day or your sister’s wedding? And where to find these dresses online in 2014?

First there are four most important things you should know:

1. Determining Body Type. The first step in determining a bridesmaid’s body is to calculate the bust, waist, and hip measurements. Body types can be classified into four main categories: apple, banana, pear, and hourglass. The apple shaped figures are identified as having broad shoulders, narrow hips, and thighs. Those with a straight shape and little to no curves fall into the banana body shape category. The pear body type is classified as having a hip measurement larger than the bust measurement. Finally, the hourglass body shape, also known as, “X shape”, is categorized by having similar bust and hip measurements with a smaller waist measurement. For example, a woman with measurements equal to a 36 inch bust, 28 inch waist, and 36 inch hips is considered to have an hourglass body type. Although apple, banana, pear, and hourglass body types are four basic categories, it is possible for some people to fall in between categories or fit into multiple groups.

2. Styles of Dresses. Dress Length, Neckline, Silhouette, Sleeve length. Choose the right style according to your body type. Normally, the bridesmaid dresses are the sale style, but now many modern brides will choose different styles bridesmaids dresses while keep the same color. For example, one bride may choose the same short length chiffon fabric red color bridesmaid dresses in different necklines as halter, straps, strapless and sweetheart.

3. Color. The choice of the color of the bridesmaids dress is strict as it must necessarily fit to the wedding colors or theme. They must stand out from the bride while remaining in tune imposed by the theme. If we have two colors for the wedding you can choose one other color for the bridesmaid dress. If you want an unique wedding, you can choose the different colors bridesmaid dresses while the sale style, fabric, length etc. While shopping online, you can’t see the color by your eyes in fact. There maybe some colour difference because of the computer display. So it’s a good way to see the color sample first before you make an order online.

4. Fabric. The choice of fabric will be very important when it comes to find the most appropriate one for the bridesmaids dress. Chiffon is the most used fabric for bridesmaid dresses now especially in summer because of its comfortable wearing, while satin maybe more suitable for a winter wedding.
5. Size. It’s the most important thing while making an order online for your bridesmaid dresses. You must know exactly your measurements about bust, hips, waist etc. It’s better to make measure by your local profession tailor. As once the size is wrong, the dress is almost waste, it won’t suitable to change to fit your body. So read the details about size requirements while shopping online is important.
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