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The embroidery on wedding dress

If you’re looking for something different to make your wedding dress, the bridal market is booming with news. One is the effect tattoo done with embroidery. It is curious?

Called a tattoo lace, the effect is made ​​possible by an embroidered stuck in a tulle illusion, creating a visual play, as if they were embroidered on your skin. For the more daring brides , it can create this effect on top of the bridal dress almost full, enhancing the silhouette.

embroidery wedding dresses

But if you want to be more discreet and not let the side trend, one option is to use the tattoo effect on the sleeves of her dress, which can be as short as long. Another idea is to use the neckline of her back, leaving her and sensual look.

vintage Wedding Dresses

You can also choose to use the model in the neck, giving the discrete sultry effect. Embroidery lace may have applications, beads, stones and sequins. Just be careful with the hype, since to be a chic bride is necessary to know how to balance the style.

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I was invited to a wedding and it was a church wedding and a very fancy long gown

ATLANTIC CITY — The Atlantic City Tattoo Expo is headed into town this weekend and there is also an exciting new service for those with tattoos who may want to see them temporarily disappear for special occasions.

“I wanted this one in remembrance of my mom,” Barbara Searanda said as she had her tattoo covered up.

“Barbara Searanda has several tattoos and is proud of them all, but admits she sometimes wants to see them disappear.

“I was invited to a wedding and it was a church wedding dresses and a very fancy long gown. And I thought it might be inappropriate to have a tattoo showing,” Searanda added.

So Searanda decided to cover up her ink using the newest treatment in Atlantic City to temporarily hide even the darkest of tattoos.

“We airbrush the hydroproof, meaning its waterproof makeup over the tattoo and we completely camouflage it,” owner of the Bellezza Salon Denise Rounds said.

The machine airbrushes the treatment right over the tattoo and blends it in with the the person’s skin.

“It won’t sweat off. You can hug everybody and its not going to hug off or ruin your beautiful gown,” Bounds explained.

The treatment will match any skin tone and they can add freckles and age spots if needed.

“As the airbrush is going on its cool. It just feels like there is a breeze going on it,” Searanda explained.

The treatment can take as little as 10 minutes and starts at $35.00. The tattoo treatment can last anywhere from two to three days.

The Belleza Salon is open everyday of the week and tattoo removal is by appointment only.