Princess Kelly Top 6 Vintage Elegant Formal Dresses Looks

67th Cannes Film Festival opening film “Princess of Monaco” release, our eyes again focused on the peerless beauty and legendary life experience goddess – Grace Kelly. As a 1950s Hollywood popular actress, she not only left us many masterpieces, but also become a timeless fashion Icon because of her unique and elegant style of dressing, but also make the Hermes Kelly bag, printed scarves, silk gloves, etc. become synonymous timeless with elegance. Vogue selects six special Princess Grace iconic styles, its simple and refined clothing match not only allows you to easily follow, but also gives you more elegant and noble temperament.

grace kelly dress
In May 1955, Grace Kelly as the representative of the United States attended the Cannes Film Festival. It was during taking pictures for the magazine “Paris Match”, She first met her future husband – Prince Rainier III of Monaco. This is her style during the Cannes Film Festival, stood on the dock side of yacht in a white shirt and black lace embroidered empire pant looked both casual and elegant, she moderated the dressing between dignified and casual style just right. This modeling has changed the pants “vulgar” Impression and also has become one of her classic look.

grace kelly dressIn the 1956 movie “High Society”, Grace Kelly plays the heroine society lady Tracy Lord, mixing in the heroes acted by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Embroidery satin dress suit designed by Oscar Best Costume Design Award winner Helen Rose perfectly show her elegance.

grace kelly dressThis is the look of Grace Kelly in 1954 movie “Green Fire”, in this film she plays coffee plantation owner Catherine Knowland in the South American. This look designed by Helen Rose not only shows the lead trend of Dior’s New Look at that time, but also more perfectly fit Grace Kelly slim soft femininity.

grace kelly dressApril 1956, the day before her wedding, Grace Kelly wore a simple shirt and high-waisted trousers and canvas sandals to take pictures, casual civilian clothes with safari colors make her look valiant competent, full of heroic spirit.

grace kelly dressIn 1963, Princess Grace and her son – Prince Albert played the game, lace shirt, knee-length pencil skirt and Carrefour sandals not only simple and elegant, but also shape an approachable, gentle and quiet nice mother figure.

grace kelly dressFebruary 1956, Grace Kelly Awarded the most popular actress of the movie global issued by a foreign correspondent (later renamed the Golden Globes). As for deeply love the Chinese clothing, this time she chose a simple elegant cheongsam. She also looks elegant charming in this unique foreign dress.

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