6 tips to make the most comfortable marriage

The wedding party for at least 4 hours, and during those hours a detail that can not go unnoticed is the comfort for the guests . It is common for unforeseen occur during the party, as a guest getting sick, someone dress unravel, or even some godmother getting a headache.

So it’s important to think of ways for your guests comfortable and thus able to have even more fun, bypassing the unexpected. To help you in this detail, we separated 6 tips that will leave your super comfortable and free wedding unforeseen. Look:

1. Good old slipper rubber or sneaker for the guests already become a tradition in marriage and really is a way to make them much more comfortable to be able to dance a lot on the track.

2. If your wedding will be during the day and outdoors, keep an eye on the weather, if the weather is hot, why not distribute to their fans invited to assuage the heat? If in winter you can distribute small umbrellas and even shawls so that they feel more comfortable.

3. Leave a first aid kit in the bathroom will greatly please your guests . In the women’s bathroom kit, put thread and needle, enamel, dental floss, brush, hair clips, napkins, among others. Already in the male, medicine, oral enchaguante, dental floss, are welcome.

4. If you know that a guest has allergies to food or are vegetarian, try leaving a vegetarian option and soft drinks. Guests who have dietary restrictions will be able to eat without problems and will enjoy much more your wedding.

rainny wedding

5. souvenir, how about a hangover kit? For those who enjoy indulging in drink, distributes a kit with water, sleeping mask, natural remedinhos to the stomach, such as teas, and whatever else is needed for your guests to agree only with good memories of previous party.

6. Distribute paper handkerchiefs for those who like to put the emotions out and not smudge makeup, during the ceremony for your guests can cry at will.

These details are very easy to make and distribute at your wedding. Will let everyone becomes more comfortable, and you can also enjoy every detail of your wedding with great enthusiasm, making his Great Day the best ever.

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